Will almighty Jesus/Yahweh say that he saved us all, or just some?


That’s what you see through your prism.

If you wanted to believe in God, you would do any number of things. Foremost would be not to pretend to create him as you imagine.

For the record, Pharisees and Scribes saw miracles from Jesus directly and still chose not to believe.


Yeah, I figured that would elicit a response. What I meant is logically that Paul’s experience would induce a belief response from most people. Force is too strong a word.

There is some truth is me creating God as I imagine him. Perhaps we are all guilty of that a bit.

If I saw a miracle, I would like to think I would believe. I would love to believe in a God with an afterlife and all.


One approach is to seek what God can do for us–and to be sure He is actually doing it. This, despite the advice not to put God to the test. Testing God is like choosing the path through a maze that leads to a dead end.

Then there is Paul’s approach. Paul was so zealous to serve God and do God’s will that he was doing all in his power to stomp out what he saw was an affront to God–Christianity. Paul’s experience was not due to testing God, but from a fervent attempt to serve God.


I approach it from two perspectives. First, do we see evidence of God interacting with our physical world. And second, is the God of the Bible consistent and worthy of worship?


Those are two common slip-ups.


Not for a man of logic. The same logic that God bequeathed me and the to the world.


Is logic the only gift that was bestowed on you?


No, but I doubt God, who created the world that moves according to logic, would want me to abandon it.


Of course not! We are physical beings living in a physical world that is awesome to explore. The first point of logic is that if there is a spiritual realm, the first thing that is different is that you won’t be able to locate anything physical, anything measurable, or anything repeatable. You are now outside physical science.

In the physical world we are used to exploring and learning things that will help and benefit us as we are physical people with physical needs. What is your purpose for wanting to explore the spiritual realm?


You have assumed there is s spiritual realm.

So you are saying that the spiritual realm has no impact on the physical realm at all. Doesn’t sound any different than no God.

To establish it exists would be a start.


Yeah, that’s why I said "IF there is a spiritual realm…


I can see why it might.


It doesn’t have a physical existence.


Well, if the spiritual realm doesn’t interact with the physical in any way then for all intents and purposes it may as well not exist. If it just sits in its own dimension, never interacting…

But if it does interact with the physical world then we should be able to find evidence of that interaction.

And Christians, certainly Catholics, believe it does interact with the physical world. Whether it is burning bushes, resurrected people, stopping the earth’s rotation or somethings more modern like the power of prayer, curing the sick or helping football teams win games.


Yes, I recognized your line of thinking.


What is your take on it? Does the spiritual impinge on the physical realm in any way?