Why today's music sucks


I appreciate your passion for music.


And about St Vincent, she is respected enough in the rock industry that when Nirvana got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame she along with Joan Jett and Lorde was picked by the surviving members of Nirvana to sing and play lead guitar with them during their induction concert. It is her even though it doesn’t look like it, she’s a few years younger and blonde


Listening now and I like it. I’d never heard it before. I like a lot of current electronic music. I have a feeling I’m going to be buying this on Itunes shortly. Got a feeling Altair will freak over the drag queens singing though. Close your eyes and just enjoy the music Altair.


Found it today actually digging for some Ariel Pink material of which I’m a fan. This weird kind of nostalgic music that harkens back to some hazy musical genre that never actually existed.


So I literally was just on Itunes buying the Ssion song and was browsing the electronic music section and saw that Ladytron had a new album coming out. I thought they had broken up. So now I’m listening to one of the new songs on their forthcoming album and am loving it. No lead guitar, sorry Altair they are very electronic, but they fit into the alt rock category. Watching the video for The Island makes me feel like the director has been playing the video game Detroit: Become Human and decided to create a new bad ending for Alice.


In today’s editions of Todays Music Does Not Suck here is the new single / video by Dutch Band Delain that just dropped today. Delain is a rock band out of the Netherlands that is similar in many ways to Within Temptation (they were founded by a former member of WT who is also the brother of WT’s main male member). They’ve always kind of existed in the shadow of WT and Nightwish though.

I’ve seen Delain twice in concert, opening for Nightwish both times, and they are great live. This song won’t be for everyone as its bombastic and symphonic metal at points. I’ve got mixed feelings on it as I don’t like it as well as much of their older stuff but it could grow on me.

Don’t let the first 56 seconds fool you into thinking this is some sort of weird mellow fairy tale thing as it kicks into bombast after that.


And song #2 of the day is the 1st released song off of Dream Theater’s forthcoming album. Dream Theater is a progressive metal band thats been around since the 90’s. Like all progressive rock many of their songs undergo massive tonal shifts mid song. Some of their songs are 20 minutes longs.


Whether certain music is good or not is purely subjective.

But I agree that most music today sucks - for me at least. But that’s because I’m a hopeless 60s\70s music fan.

Interesting fact: when electric guitars and rock came on the scene the old timers said it would never last.


Song #3. Flashback to the one Dream Theater song that is most likely to be known by people who didn’t think they knew of them. This song is from the early 90’s and the one that put them on the map.


And song #4 from Tool. This song is off their 10,000 days album which came out over 10 years ago. Tool’s music is amazing from a technical standpoint. The version of this song I’m linking is actually THREE different songs off the album laid on top of one another. Each song sound complete by itself but when you lay them on top of one another you get magic. Tool is weird that way as they like to hide secret songs on albums or do things like this where you get a near wholly new song by mixing other songs. While you may not like this song you have to acknowledge it takes some talent to be able to make something like this work:


Completely agree that music is subjective.

I read somewhere that the reason most people of every generation start to say “today’s music sucks” around the time they reach 30 is because in most cases they’ve quit trying to find new music and just listen to what they grew up with. Thus most people’s favorite music is whatever is popular when they were a teen.

I already know I’m an anomaly in this as I’m in my 40’s and am constantly seeking out new music. I think part of it is because of how isolated I was from music growing up. I literally grew up in the 80’s in the middle of nowhere, a town of 1000 people that was 70 miles from anything larger, in a very mormon controlled town. We only received about four radio stations (two country, one soft rock and one top 40). We had MTV for about a year but then the mormons felt it was corrupting and got our cable company to pull it. So my entire exposure to music was whatever my mom listened to (country) and whatever was on the top 40 and soft rock stations.

As as result it wasn’t until I went away to college in 1989 that I even learned that a band called Led Zeppelin existed. No joke there, that is how isolated I was musically as LZ wasn’t top 40 and wouldn’t be on soft rock radio.

I grew up loving Duran Duran and hair metal (both played on top 40) but that was the breadth of my musical tastes.

My musical world changed the first week of college when I heard Head Like a Hole by Nine Inch Nails. I never knew music like that existed and I began seeking out more and more new stuff and have never stopped. I’ve also grown to love a lot of old stuff I never knew about like Led Zeppelin and 70’s Heart (I never knew they had music before their 80’s pop stuff).


I mentioned this earlier in the thread. People typically identify with the music of their youth. Furthermore, those musicians are always youthful themselves. Teenagers rarely connect with fourty or fifty something musicians doing anything, no matter how great it is. It’s why bands of a bygone era essentially become their own tribute acts. Even their fans they attracted back in the day are not going to their concerts to hear whatever new music they’ve released. They want to hear the hits.


Most people think that whatever they discovered in their formative years is the best version of that thing. It’s all subjective.

“I like stuff that rules, I hate stuff that sucks.”


I personally love punk rock and hip hop and psychedelic 70s jazz and new wave and modern pop and 60s country and 50s blues and old reggae and ska and the kinks and Devo and Run DMC and Fugazi and Miles Davis and Bridget Bardot and the velvet underground and Stereolab and everything between. But there’s nothing I hate more than a damn wanky ass lead guitar solo.


For the most part, I would compare those three to Springsteen, Clapton, and Santana. All of whom are still, to the best of my knowledge, active… :wink:


To go back to the discussion about female guitar players, and to tie it into the topic of today’s music, I’m posting this video of Samantha Fish. If you love guitar heavy blues/rock, check out this young lady. Incredible voice combined with excellent guitar skills. I’m not sure why she’s not more famous. Maybe blues is dead?


Theres a massive amount of lead guitar in music today. It just isnt radio / tv marketed.

Tosin Abasi, Andy James, Satriani is still making records, Plini, Dream Theater, just some off top of my head.


People like the music that was popular when they were in their late teens and their twenties…all their life.

Its just built in to most humans that way.

Go to an old folk…I mean retirement home. They will be playing the music popular when they were much younger.


Yeah, you’re right, my post you quoted wasn’t really clear. By saying “today’s music”, I was referencing the OP’s reference to popular music. I’m well aware of the current guitar music. In fact, I just saw Tosin Abasi live with Steve Vai, Nuno Bettencourt, Zakk Wylde and Yngwie Malmsteen. Guitar is alive and well, just not in “popular” music.


Ya I totally missed OP’s last sentence about top 40 my bad