Why today's music sucks


Yeah, but he is a pretty good song writer. The new Bob Dylan, right?


Let me know what you think of Marissa.


Sure, I guess? I don’t like his songs, but I can’t deny his popularity. But I was specifically addressing guitar skills. Bruce really doesn’t fit with Clapton and Santana.


I’ll do that. Thanks for the tip, I’m always interested in new guitar talent.


Agreed. He’s no Clapton but I like his song writing skills. I suppose living in NJ has something to do with that.


There’s a video on YouTube of the Screaming Females playing Becuase The Night with the band Garbage where Marissa plays a solo at the end of the song that just blows me away.

The Screaming Females have been around for while but never got the attention they deserved.


Just checked it out, yeah, pretty good solo. Fit the chord progression perfectly, and more importantly, fit the mood of the song. Not a fan of that fuzz/octave sound, though, but that’s just me, a lot of people love it. I did love the sound of the rhythm guitars. And I really liked her G&L Strat with the DiMarzio pickup in the bridge position.


Glad you liked it.


Lead guitar is doing just fine. Genre’s change, and many times the best musicians/bands are not the most commercially successful, although they do make a good living, and do what they love. Here is a good example of a great lead solo, and a very good band. (they did sell out RAH in London for 3 nights)


“May be if we under paid face tattooed rappers and over paid teachers there would be more smart people and less ■■■■■■ music.”
-someone on Instagram


No it doesn’t. Old people always claim theirs was the best.


80’s was the best! Punk, new wave, goth, industrial. A veritable smorgasbord of styles to choose from. :grin:


Music has never been better than it is today thanks to the internet opening up all genre of music there is and easily available. No longer are we captive to what the few radio stations play. And there is still music being made today that is similar to classic rock for all those who brought up old stuff.

For instance, do you like Led Zeppelin? Then listen to current band Greta Van Fleet. If you close your eyes you will literally think this is a lost Zeppelin song only now being released. The guitar riffs are Zeppelinish and the lead singer is secretly the love child of Robert Plant given he screams just like Plant starting at the 15 second mark:



I saw her live last summer and she blew me away


Do you like female fronted metal? Then listen to Within Temptation. One of the lead singles off their forthcoming album:


We can’t help it. We’re smarter than you and have better taste. Not our fault. We were on our own at twenty. Not living in mama’s basement at thirty.

So there’s that. :smirk:


Do you like melodic alt rock that would fit into any decade and is one of the best songs of the the century. Then listen to Manchester Orchestra:


Point for me is that while I grew up in the 80’s and love classic rock and new wave music of the era I also love current music being put out by groups like the ones I just mentioned as well as Nightwish, Paramore, Disturbed, MGMT, Florence and the Machine, Ghost, Lacuna Coil, and many many others.

You can literally find anything you want now if you just search for it on the internet and don’t bother with top 40 music since we are no longer captive to it.


Fair point. But they have totally ruined POP music. No doubt about it. I still have no idea why they thought that removing the lead guitar would be an improvement. And please ladies. Use your grown assed woman voice. Don’t sing like a twelve year old.

For some reason, I can’t connect to WIFI at my gym, so I’m stuck with piped in POP crap. Maybe it’s time to break out the ole IPOD.


Break out the Ipod, it’s your only hope.