Why today's music sucks


Dude. You know this is just for fun right? Try to have some. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, I didn’t even remember any of the music, so I went and looked up the playlist. Yeah, those are some pretty wretched songs, probably one of the main reasons I didn’t care for the movie.


Music is not as good as it used to be back during the 1980s.


No. I’m not one for main stream music either. I just think the music in GotG is a over used commercially. Not because of the bands necessarily, but because of the song choices. Kind of like how Queen’s “We Are The Champions” and AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” are used at almost every sporting event.

But, there’s a whole psychology to this type of music being used in commercial products. It’s easily recognizable and is a safe choice for companies and studios to use, “It worked before, it’ll work this time too.”

I recently did a marketing campaign for a studio who insisted we use AC/DC on the campaign. Not because it was the right song to use, but because research showed that audiences reacted positively to the last product that used it, even though it was used in a totally different manner for a completely different product.


Springsteen, Tom Petty, John Cougar. Great stuff.


Good input. If a song is great, people will cover it. I don’t expect anybody to be doing any remakes of Justin Bieber any time soon.


I cannot heart this post, Chris.


Please don’t even speak of that.


Music is subjective. And I think the elimination of the lead guitar was a huge mistake. It also annoys me that a lot of the female vocalists sound like twelve year old girls when they sing. If you are a grown assed woman, use your grown assed woman voice when you sing please.


music played on a vacuum cleaner sucks the most


Personally I love a lot of modern music, but not a lot of the most popular stuff. And there’s plenty of new guitar music if that’s your thing.


Fortunately, Miss Alexa provides me with the rather eclectic variety of music I listen to, on demand. :smile

I have long been unhappy with most country music stations, which play the song of the month to death.

I can ask for outlaw country, 80’s country, bluegrass, classical, classic rock, or whatever else I happen to be in the mood for at that particular moment.

I like some of today’s music, some of it not so much.


Who would you compare to Springsteen, Eric Clapton of Carlos Santana?


I suggest anyone that likes guitar/rock listen to the Screaming Females. One of the best unknown bands out there. The lead guitarist is just amazing.


Thanks for the tip. There is also a hot young chick named Nita Strauss. But she plays lead for a classic rock icon. Alice Cooper. Google her playing “Poison” live. Amazing stuff.


Well, there’s actually plenty. And by the way, when people think great guitar, they typically don’t think Springsteen. He’s pretty average, actually. Really, he’s more of a pop guy than a rock guy. He’s like a Bieber that bangs and strums on a Telecaster.


I haven’t seen Nita live but the vidieos of her work are pretty amazing.

YouTube the Screaming Females and check out Marissa. I think she is fantastic. I haven’t seen the Screaming Females live yet but it is definitely on my list.




You are correct about Springsteen’s skills. I was referring more to the Music.


Yeah, Anita is okay, but I think she’s a bit overrated due to her being a hot blonde that plays shred guitar. Her tone makes me cringe.