Why today's music sucks


Everyone has their opinion but to me their is one, glaring, obvious thing that is missing from today’s music. The lead guitar. Somebody has decided that music could be improved by removing the lead guitar. And that person is an idiot. (And yes, I know you can find some music with a lead guitar, but in the top 40, it’s pretty rare.)


Not everyone liked that style of music.


I really like K-pop

Here’s one.


Today’s music doesn’t suck… if you listen to modern thrash and death metal. There’s some really amazing metal being produced today.


Okay, how’s this? Today’s main stream music sucks. Better?


Luckily there is no reason for you to have to listen. Today’s options for music are more accessible then they have ever been. Open up Spotify and find something you like, instead of going online and whining about the music you don’t like.


There is a world of good music out there, and it’s easy to find if one isn’t too lazy or smugly superior to look for it. Music today is no worse or better than it has ever been.


The markets are speaking.


Who is today’s Elton John, Beatles, Queen, Rolling Stones, Springsteen, Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, CCR, Pearl Jam, Nirvana etc?

The answer? Probably nobody. You would have to search high and low to find one or two current bands that deserve to be mentioned with bands like this. They simply cannot compare.


Being a lead guitar player, I agree with about the lack of guitar in today’s music. That said, I’m not sure it sucks. Music continually transmogrifies. Add that most people indentify with the music of their youth, and get a billion middle aged Bob Segers shouting “today’s music ain’t got the same soul”.


Not everyone likes those bands.

Not everyone likes bands.

Those bands you listed are pretty much all the same style. Not everyone likes that.


By the way, one of the most popular genres of music today is still loaded with guitar solos. Country musicians just don’t care, and they probably shouldn’t since they seem to be the only ones who can still actually sell their music.


It’s called classic music for a reason. But they get new fans every year. Today’s music is here one day and gone the next. Because it is not creative or memorable. It has no staying power. Because it’s void of anything other than a beat. Where’s the damned guitar?

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy?


It’s old people music. I’m tired of hearing all those bands you listed. If I never hear another of their songs ever again, I’m good.

Classic Rock is no different than The Oldies.

You can’t say today’s music won’t last. Of course it will, to the kids listening to it now. The same way you’re still playing Led Zeppelin like it’s the greatest music ever.

I like listening to new things. Some people cling to the music of their golden age. It’s all good.


I have seen Guardians of the Galaxy. Why?


Wasn’t the music incredible?


I honestly don’t remember the music, and I didn’t see it at the theater, just on video. And I didn’t like it. Was kind of dumb.


Thank you! I thought I was the only one. People slobber all over Guardians and I don’t get it. Plus, the music is so generic and over used.


Maybe a Justin Bieber or Arianna Grande sound track would have improved it? :grin:

BTW. You are the first person I have ever heard complain about the music. And you will probably be the last.


You understand, don’t you, that music is subjective? Not everyone thinks the bands you listed are any good. I stand by my initial post. There’s plenty of good stuff out there, for anyone who isn’t snob.

Don’t forget, people have been saying new music sucks since music began. Those opinions, however, are just that. Yours are no different than when my grandmother hated those same bands you claim as legendary. This thread is nothing new.

Good music is out there. Don’t cry to us because you can’t find any of it.