Why should someone start believing in God?




Notions of morality are beyond any form of empirical/scientific proof. Just because you or anybody else asserts there is no such thing doesn’t make it so.


Because they dont exist outside of our heads


Well no kidding. Asserting doesn’t make ANYTHING so. How about join in the conversation? People usually have opinions on these matters. All you’re doing here is essentially saying nothing is objective. Most atheists would agree that much of morality and spirituality are subjective phenomenon likely produced by the brain.


I’m not arguing the validity of any particular form of religion. My line of reasoning is philosophical and based on the western view of atheistic materialism vs a metaphysical/ supernatural worldview.


What exactly are you trying to say? That, yes, metaphysical things can exist? If so, I agree. But what does that have to do with whether or not you should believe in God?


I like to grocery shop before noon. Can’t buy alcohol on sundays due to religion.


The notion of proof is where your line of reasoning is flawed. The notion of “proof” pertains to staments regarding materialistic entities such as molecules for example. Questions regarding God, the meaning of life, morality, etc., are philosophical maters.


When I was growing up in Virginia they had Blue Laws which forbade many businesses from being open on Sunday at all. Thankfully we’re progressing as a society.


Yes, objectivity and subjectivity exist. Are you suggesting God is a subjective phenomenon only?


Where did I say logic doesn’t exist?


Not true. There is a tribe, the Paraha, that has no God concept. It isn’t in their language. Clearly it isn’t written on their heart.


That’s not what I said.


Mankind has created thousands of gods and religions of the years. The primary purposes were to explain the unknown and ease the fear of Death. Then government found they could more easily rule if they manipulated religion to keep their subjects subservient. There’s a reason Constantine chose Christianity.


Theism views God as metaphysical.


Again, if God interacts with our physical world we should be able to find evidence of that interaction. If God doesn’t interact with our world then he isn’t any different than there being no god.


No it doesnt. Many theists including Christians claim God affected the physical world and that Gods actions can be seen in this world. You cant have it both ways.


Haven’t you ever heard anyone say, “I could not have done that except by the grace of God?” Some near death experiences have changed lives around.


Why is it difficult to believe that mankind has observed something beyond evidence, something more knowledgeable and more powerful than himself? Some seem to be able to tap into this realm whereas others cannot. Religion does not keep people subservient. It opens the eyes to something more freeing than government, and in doing so, opens the eyes to how government seeks to manipulate for its own wealth and power.


Maybe they have. Maybe its one of the myriad other religions out there. Who knows honestly.