Why should someone start believing in God?


There is account after account in all ages, in all cultures, of people encountering or experiencing God. It happens today as well. If it can happen to others, it can happen to you or anyone, but it requires effort and perseverance.


Seriously? You realize that’s an expression and not evidence of any sort?

Statistically, those who have been prayed for did no better than those not prayed for. That’s evidence.


Mankind is always searching for order when none exist. We have something in us that seeks order/patterns.


I said grace, not prayer.


Order often exists.


I know. But I used prayer because actual studies have been done demonstrating the ineffectiveness of prayer. Probably the same as “grace”.


Often but not always.


This answer did not help support your idea of different perceptions, same one God.


And? This means what, exactly?


Yes…humans often have “spiritual experiences” that they then create stories about.

And this means what, again, exactly?


You clearly misread my statement.


No you’re not following my line of reasoning. I accept for example demonstrable and reproducible scientific facts. For example water freezes, boils, and melts at specific temperatures so long as pressure is held constant. I reject that the scientific approach used to demonstrate those types of facts are also useful in solving questions regarding the existence of God or other metaphysical notions.


The only studies I know of are ones where people pray for those who are sick. Are those the studies you are thinking of?

Grace is different from prayer.


People report seeing alien abductions on DMT. I guess that makes alien abductions real.


Theres been accounts after accounts of delusions as well for centuries. Just because yours is sanctioned by society doesnt make it anymore real than the schizophrenic’s


It is when people make claims about how God affects the physical world


Many times on drugs in some cultures


I’ve experienced “God” on psychedelics (not condoning) and its NOTHING like you have ever described which makes me think you havent experienced God. After all its MY experience that is the decider of what you have or have not experienced, yes?


I don’t know what you mean by saying something subjectively exists?


Here is something regarding the so-called burden of proof that would be valid in this discussion. Try and prove abiogenesis is true.