Why should someone start believing in God?


Let’s disregard “Afterlife” as a reason for belief and focus why belief in God has value and is a worthwhile pursuit in this life.

Alternately, people can present why someone should not believe in God, and from this question I would like to eliminate, “No evidence” from the equation.

So–if we can–in this thread we eliminate the afterlife and lack of evidence as discussion points to present better and different reasons for belief or non-belief.


There is no value or worthwhile pursuit in believing in god.


What should a person’s ideal love of others be? What is the highest purpose in this life?


I don’t think reasons matter. No reasons outside of actual scientific proof could make me suspend my disbelief in order to choose to believe in God. So there is no way I could ever start believing again. Once upon a time I did but I was young and had been indoctrinated into it by my mother and grandparents but as I got older and able to to look at all the evidence I realized that its utterly impossible for me to believe.


Each person must come up with the answer to that. Or perhaps not.


If you’re the sort of person that needs divine commanded rules to live by in order to stop from raping and pillaging your way through life, please continue believing in God.


Are you asking for individual opinion on this or do you think there is a divine defined ideal love?


Why would we eliminate evidence? Might as well start a thread why you should believe in the easter bunny or bigfoot.


Questions that can be answered by an individual with no need for “God”


I believe there is a “God” but IT is far different than what western religions describe, so much so that the word “God” just causes unnecessary confusion. It’s a lazy term.


How about we discuss why disbelief has value?


Some statements are so ridiculous, a response is impossible. This is one of those times.


Ok thanks for admitting you dont need God for moral guidance. I agree.


That’s up to you to decide. Existential responsibility


A LOT of people believe morality isnt possible without God


I was going to respond similarly using Santa Claus but decided not to but I’m nicer than you.


Well that’s convenient. It all comes out of no evidence. Why would anybody reject something that has proper evidence?


I’m just keepin it real yo


The first Commandment presents an ideal of love and perfection, which is our description of God. We are directed to put love and perfection (God) above all else. I have no problem with people thinking that the ideals of love and perfection were personified into a being we call God. If there is a non-belief in such a being, can one still believe in putting the ideals of love and perfection above all else? Can love of self and love of one’s fellow man be an ideal one lives by? Why or why not?


That’s for each individual to determine.