Why does Trump keep Lying and why are you OK with it?


How many Republican Presidents said the FBI charged into a person’s home carrying an AK27.


Another lie from fat donald, he states that his orange tan is the result of “good genes”. :rofl::rofl:


Well yeah if Trump is saying we need to shore up the border to stop heroin passing into the country that is completely misleading. Since it’s coming almost completely through air traffic, We should be focused on shoring up airport screening as a much more cost effective way of spending our money. I’m sure you’d agree.


“millions for beagles, not one cent for a wall” is the cry from Democrats


We already have a border fence.

Not one cent for “extending the barrier” is the real call.

Better ways to spend the taxpayers money in 2019, you know modern technology

Trump is stuck in the coal era.

The dems are in the Tesla era.



The Dems supported building over 700 miles of fencing. Isn’t that what Trunp wanted? Or was it a wall? Or steel slats? Why dont we spend the money in a way that makes sense? Trump has never even offered a clear plan of how to use the funds. Maybe you know?