Why does Trump keep Lying and why are you OK with it?


Read the thread. Do your own work.


It’s not my work. I am not supposed to search for something to support your point of view. You made the accusation. You back it up. You are obligated to back up your accusations. That’s how the world works. Not the CNN world. The real world.


I did back it up multiple times on this thread. The thread you jumped into without reading.


Oh well. I guess I will be stuck assuming that whomever claimed that the President lied 4000 times is a political opponent of the Presidents and did not bother to count the lies told by prominent liberals. Or you can simply tell me the source. I’m cool either way. I’m guessing that you are too. Time to move on.


Because reading 85 responses is so hard. Lol. Fun fact it’s actual over 8,000 lies in his first two years as president.


Nope. Not a fact. Any list that is compiled by a political opponent can not be trusted. Lol.


Still attacking Hillary? I’m so sorry.


Part of having integrity, not to mention being a MAN, is being able to admit you’re wrong.

That’s why trump can’t do that. Sadly, a good 1/3 of the nation is also that void of character.


The fact that you compare Hillary to trump in the lying department shows how effective Fox and talkradio propaganda is.


How many leftist have lied and called a semi automatic rifle a weapon of war? How many leftist have said that a semi automatic rifle can spray hundreds of bullets with one pull of the trigger like a fully automatic rifle? How many leftist say there are not back ground checks by venders at gun shows? How many leftist have said that an AR15 rifle is not used for hunting when most are the same as a 223 rifle? And have many times have they repeated these same lies over the past 10, 15 years?


How many Democratic Presidents have done that? ZERO.

Trump lies in unprecedented volume and degree.

Trying to deflect from that speaks directly to your own integrity.


Smoking in the boys room? No, that was something else. You’re too young.



Trump has said that the wall will fix the heroin issue. He hasn’t said “increased border security” - he’s said wall. Over and over and over.

If 90% is through legal ports of entry, then the focu should be beefing up those areas for illegal heroin. Not a wall.

Maybe try listening to what Trump says vs what you wish he’d said.


According to whom?


Everyone with a functioning brain.

Trump is plainly nuts.

As bad as this clown show is now, based on what is publicly known, It’s going to pale next to what we will learn from the tell-all books about this administration, once it is mercifully over.


Horrible answer. An honest answer would be “Trump’s political opponents.”


2 + 2 = 5.

No, that’s wrong.

According to who?!


Okay as a supporter how many times has he lied.



I meant why do you enjoy the fact that he is ‘getting under your skin’? Is that a good qualification for President?


Fat donald just lied again today claiming that Mathis quit, when in fact, it was the complete opposite.