Why did/does man create religions?


:woman_shrugging: Politicians and married couples didn’t see anything wrong with it. Nor have I been referencing them. However, among young single people paying taxes and having to live with several roommates instead of having their own place, we did complain about not getting the tax breaks married couples did.

Since some had widowed grandparents who were living together with someone so neither had to relinquish social security benefits, we questioned this government practice as well. We also had homosexual friends and we discussed how even they couldn’t claim couple status, either and also fell into the higher tax bracket–and did not even have family status at hospitals when they had been living together for five years! We were all outraged over that.

Of course! I remember now! Personal experiences (and what happened at the grassroots level) mean nothing. Carry on. :blush:


These are the types of policies that Christians spent years trying to protect or implement into government


I think it’s important we all have something to believe in.