Why did/does man create religions?


Millions of women on this planet are forced to wear covers on their face. It isn’t fantasy. Dont pigeonhole the effect of religion to only USA’s boundaries. We are lucky to live in a society where most - not all - view religion in government as a dangerous enterprise.


No, that isn’t exactly what happened and you haven’t proven your point.


Or…we could have done both, and would have had the government acted when this became an issue back in the 70s. But that was going nowhere, so then the gay community made it a marriage issue because of all the privileges the government gave to married couples.

What is really ironic is that was when heterosexual couples were refusing to get married because they saw it as a government over-reach into their lives, and they were protesting that. We have friends who were part of this trend and to this day they remain together but not married.


How is that “ironic?” It has nothing to do with the rights of gay people.


You’re suggesting there was a split in the gay community about whether they should have a right to marriage? I dont know what you are trying to say here.


Some straight people dont believe in marriage therefore something something


:woman_shrugging: That may be because there isn’t any point I am trying to prove; just offering another perspective.


So your perspective is pointless lol


It seems that way. Perspectives are the same as facts.


Only one true God with one true religion.

All the rest are satanic counterfeits to lead the faithfuls astray.


Let’s take uniqueness into account. I do like the way the Catholic Church says it. The Church says it is only commanded or authorized to impart Apostolic teaching as passed down by Christ. When followed, we will become members of the Body of Christ and see God. The Catholic Church cannot guarantee this will take place in any other faith, any other denomination. It hasn’t the power or the authority to guarantee anything other what it teaches.

However, for everyone who is not Catholic–there is a greater power than the Church, and that power is God. We trust in the mercy and power of God to reach those the Church cannot connect with–for whatever reason. Still, the Church takes Christ’s command to us to heart and very seriously. It continues to impart Apostolic teachings given by Christ to the world.

Also keep in mind that when we teach children math, we begin by teaching them numbers and how to count. We don’t berate them for not knowing Honors Advanced Calculated. Likewise, all of us are in different places on our faith journey.


Better get right with Zeus or to the underworld with you.


I can guarantee you people didn’t start cohabiting because they saw marriage as “government overreach into their lives”.

Where donyou come up with this stuff?


Nor did I say that. To be more clear: A couple we knew who had been cohabiting then discussed becoming formally married for tax and other legal considerations. They decided no, that they did not want such government reach in their lives when the government wasn’t giving other couples, be they sibling couples, roommates, gay, etc those same considerations.


There was nothing to clear up. It’s irrelevant.


Ok. Some people dont want to get married. So?


Yeah, I don’t get the point of that particular deflection.


That makes three of us. So some heteros decided to cohabitation and not get married. Are you saying gays should do likewise? Pretty sure you are not. So what is your point other than anecdote?


Already said it once: Ironic that some Americans want government more involved in society whereas other Americans want less government involvement. The same occurs in religion. Some want more influence, others want less. I was pointing to a simply observation, something everyone might agree with…but heaven forbid we agree on anything…


Ok. So some don’t want govt interference. I agree there is that group, probably some homosexuals in that group too.

Do we all agree that gays should be able to marry? That govt should not discriminate?