Why did/does man create religions?


Glad you didnt experience it. Others did.


Your avoiding the issue. You said Christianity wasn’t forced on others. But clearly it was, at these service academies. It doesn’t matter if it was 12 years ago. It only stopped because atheists took a stand.

And ‘returning to christian values’ (as opposed to moral values that we all have and yes, need more of) that some politicians n s keep talking about _ means exactly that. Pressuring people to become christian.


I am out of patience. I am not avoiding anything. I am telling you what I know (or don’t know) about your articles. I do know my daughter, a Catholic, did not feel that Protestantism or atheism were being forced on her when these were her chaplains.

I do not doubt the atheist cadets felt they were being forced. As we see here and in the article itself, experiences vary.

The reason I am losing patience is that I grew up in an extended family of Catholics, Protestants, and atheists. I married into a family of atheists. None of us ever felt forced. We knew what we were/are and other beliefs being voiced or practiced did not intimidate us. They didn’t then, and they don’t today. And yes, I see a bit of irony when a military cadet is intimidated by prayer time at lunch. As kids, we didn’t realize we were supposed to cower when another belief (or no belief) is present. Unfortunate, is it not, that my husband and I did not instill fear of that type in our daughter.


Ok, great. But your personal experience isnt the only thing that is important or relavant in a discussion about society and culture at large. Maybe you are losing patience because you continuously refuse to look at our discussions outside of a juxtaposition of your own life experience. I’ve never experienced a school shooting - it doesn’t mean that I’ll let everyone know that over and over when they are talking about school shootings in society.


This nailed it


Maybe try listening to others as part of your studies


In the post that you typed this in, you said “I” or “me” or “my” almost 40 times… just sayin’


Evangelicals still trying to stop gays from having basic rights. Who says religion isnt affecting or influencing our laws?


Meri is. Are you trying to take away the vote of evangelicals?


:worried: Are Evangelicals running the government now? They have taken the vote from everyone else?

To me it looks like federal bureaucracy is alive and well. How about:

Lynching anyone is against the law. PERIOD.

If, as you say, the Evangelicals are now running the government, perhaps they will at least listen to a single non-Evangelical voice?


Nobody is saying that except you.

Nobody is saying that except you.

Nobody is saying “Evangelicals are running the government” except for you.

Oh, and let me remind you: no one is saying evangelicals shouldnt vote.

Carry on.


She’s not saying that. She’s asking a question.

But I think she’s not discussing the actual issue…


Why are lawmakers even wasting their time with it though.

According to the article:

The bill notes that at least 4,742 people, mainly African-Americans, were reportedly lynched in the U.S. from 1882 to 1968.

No one is being lynched today, so making a federal anti-lynching law is just stupid. Murder is murder however it is done.


It’s a question that’s been asked and answered repeatedly throughout this thread. We have answered multiple times - no. No. We arent saying that.

In response she has repeatedly asked those questions, framing the issue that we dont want evangelicals voting. When one repeats such questions over and over throughout the thread, and repeatedly frames the issue with those questions, I will repeat, that…No. “Nobody is saying that.”


I think I am. Do lobbyists have too much influence? What makes professional lobbying any different from a religious group lobbying for something? When lobbyists pack it in for their special interest, maybe people will have the right to complain about some religious groups also taking a special interest in something. Religious groups have no more influence than any other special interest groups.

Personally, I hate the influence drug companies and the field of medicine has on our laws. But unless a a Pharmaceutical can pass laws without going through the government process, I haven’t a leg to stand on. I can complain all I want, just like people here can complain all they want about religion…it is no different.


We’re not talking about lobbyists. We can talk about the undue influence of lobbyists in another thread if you wish

We’re talking about religions being forced on people that don’t believe those religions.

You were given examples of where it actually happened or where religious people tried to make it happen.

You deflected away to your personal experience or said “but that was a decade ago” or to other lobbyists.

That isn’t discussing the issue at hand.


Religion is not forced on people in this country any more than drugs are forced on people in this country. People in both groups have a voice about what laws they feel are best for society/civil law.


We gave you examples of where it was happening!

Alex gave you an undeniable example, one that only was ended because non-religious people spoke up, to which your response was “that was a long time ago”.

It’s happening all the time!

Which is why non-religious folks remain vigilant.

So your religious beliefs can’t be codified into our laws.

If religious folks stopped that impulse to do so, we’d have no problems with people believing what they want to believe.


You are COMPLETELY missing the point. The question is why do atheists care. That was why we were having this discussion. They care about religion, because religion, when slipped into our laws, affects EVERYONE. No one is saying religious people shouldnt vote. No one is saying only religious people do this. No one is saying people are being forced to worship a God or go to church.


My response was to point out that the article also included a random sampling of people there who said they did not feel religious practices were being forced on them.

Notice that when someone spoke up about their discomfort, action was taken–and that action was not to force religion on anyone. If the last complaint was ten years ago, apparently the situation was resolved.