Why did/does man create religions?


Its a bad habit to contradict yourself over and over


Freedom is slavery


The problem is I am way ahead of you. Which event are you talking about? The first where in real life I was having a real-life audible conversation with fellow Catholics before the election? Or, are you talking about the post I made here well after the election offering a serious explanation to people who were wondering why some Christians would vote for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton?


Lol what in the world are you talking about. You were responding to this question:



Oh is that your story now


Yup, right there in front of you I said we should lose sleep over bullies. Why can’t you see it? By the way, bully is spelled b.u.l.l.y. in case you are having trouble with spelling again.


What in the world does “you laughing” have to do with what borgia_dude asked???


I see. Presenting and defending Evangelical rights to their beliefs and feelings is now an “endorsement.” Anything else?


No. You said we should lose sleep over being bullied into voting for a candidate that wants to dismantle chrustianity


Yes, when you agree with their fears. Yes. That’s an endorsement hahaha


(Patiently.) It always was what took place. Are you just getting that now? I’ve only had to explain it a half-dozen times.


What does you laughing have to do with what borgia dude asked?

It’s obvious you were trying to dodge this question and didnt think someone would find a post of you saying we should lose sleep over Hillary wanting to dismantle christianity


Interesting. What I was doing was offering advice on how a political group might get a group of Evangelicals to vote for their candidate. Sounds like I was endorsing a methodology to get Evangelical votes to change.

But what do I know, right? Obviously if I wrote the post, I wouldn’t know my intent. We need to call in DaMan to decide. :rofl:


No. You were saying we should lose sleep over libs and Hillary dismantling christianity hahaha


You write many many posts that contradict eachother. Its fascinating


I’m gonna get some sleep now. Dont worry. Even atheists dont lose sleep worrying about religion forcing beliefs through government.


Bump for you.


You are asking about something that happened over ten years ago. My brother attended West Point well before that, and it wasn’t an issue at that time. My daughter was an ROTC cadet in 2008 (the date of the Times article) and there didn’t seem to be any problem in that corp, either. Even the article you posted indicated that fifteen randomly selected cadets did not see a problem with what happened at West Point.

What I can tell you is when, later, my daughter was within combat zones the chaplain(s), when available, were all wonderful. It is my understanding one was even an atheist and he was no less wonderful than the others. She is Catholic, but (unlike MASH) never had a Catholic chaplain. No one is forced to see a chaplain or to attend any service. They are simply available. Sometimes. And they are appreciated. Just what the doctor ordered (so-to-speak).


Yes, I was already responding.


Do that. And you don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for quite some time. It’s been real. And it’s been fun. But it hasn’t been real fun, if you catch my drift. I doubt you will, but as usual I have to at least try.