Why did/does man create religions?


Oh right you were joking in that other thread too. I see the pattern now. I’ll just assume everything you say is a joke.

Werent you just preaching about “honesty” and forced servitude?



On the topic of Christians forcing their belief on others, here’s a bit about US Military academies doing it.


Keep dodging.

You said we should lose sleep over libs wanting to bully you into supporting a candidate that wants to abolish christianitys core tenets.


Cause in this thread you said you’ve never judged hillarys christianity. You’ve also said you find it amusing that people are concerned.

Holy contradictions batman


And by funny, I mean it’s a joke.


Look, you are jumping to conclusion after conclusion. It’s funny. There were two separate incidents. Listen carefully. One was where I was TALKING with a group of Catholics and we were laughing about anyone (even Hillary Clinton) thinking they could change Catholic teaching. Trust me, if a determined group of Catholic Middle School students couldn’t change Catholic teachings, a mere candidate for President hadn’t a chance.

SECOND: I was responding here IN WRITING to people who were wondering why Christians would vote for Donald Trump instead of President Clinton. I offered an explanation of why some did not want Mrs. Trump.

These two separate events have prompted you to call me a hypocrite, which I find truly amusing. Do you at least understand why I am laughing? Apparently I can’t laugh with my fellow Catholics about someone changing Catholic teachings and then later offer fellow posters a reason why some Christians might prefer to vote for Donald Trump rather than President Clinton. I don’t know whether you disapprove of my laughter among fellow Catholics or whether you disapprove of me offering a reason why some might prefer one candidate to the other.


I’m not jumping to any conclusions. You are saying what is convenient for you here, even though it contradicts everything you’ve said in other threads.

Why should we think Hillary wanted to abolish Christianity?


Except you werent. It was a direct response you gave to someone criticizing christians who voted trump.


Except you arent and werent “laughing”. I think you’re just saying that to get out of the hole that’s been dug. My 2 cents


It’s like the “truthful hyperbole” argument

Or the “just joking” argument people make when they realize they messed up


Catholic teachings have changed over the years. Society causes them to change. Perhaps even influenced by politicians.


Shrug. I am a middle school teacher. Bullying is something we strongly stand against. Our government officials should not be engaging in it. If bullying doesn’t cause you to lose sleep, then I’m guessing you have never had to help students with this issue. Are you telling me that you believe we should let people bully and shame others into voting how the bullies want them to vote? Apparently.

Anything else you want to pull out of nowhere, change the context, and pretend you won your next game of “Gotcha”? Still giggling, so keep on playing. This is better than a game of Apples to Apples.


Wait, so you’re now saying you werent joking?

Holy cow and keep up.


I said we should lose sleep over bullies. Can you grasp the distinction directly in front of you?


I didnt change the context. You said in a post we should lose sleep over being bullied to vote for Hillary who wants to destroy christianity. Which almost contradicts everything you’ve said here


Hahahaha ya ok. We can read the post.


Ahh back to denying posts


So? You think she is the first person to voice this wish? How long have you been posting in Religion Forums anyway? Often, the sect of Christianity people want to dismantle is Catholicism. Old hat for me, which may be why her words didn’t bother me–and also why I understood why they bothered some.


So then you’ve thought about hillarys christianity and you’ve endorsed evangelical concerns about Hillary. Even though you say you havent.


You JUST posted this 30 min ago. Now you’re saying Hillary wants to dismantle christianity


It is a bad habit to conflate two separate events. You were not even present at the first event, a real-life event, yet you seem to think you are an expert on what took place. Then you take a second event here where I am seriously offering an explanation to people who couldn’t understand why Christians might vote for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton, and you think I am trying to climb out of some hole.

My two cents is that a lack of reading comprehension is at play. And the fact that for some reason you want desperately to prove something. Honestly, since you want it so badly I hope you succeed. Failing that, I hope you think you have succeeded.

As for me, I know what I said, when I said each–and they do not in any way conflict with each other.

Aint the Internet fun?