Why did/does man create religions?


I’m not acting. They are not distant past. They are simply past. There is no serious conservative or religious movement to bring them back. And don’t forget, both parties including Hillary and Obama opposed equal rights. I was pro gay marriage before either one of them were. Relax. You have nothing to fear. This is the best time in history to be gay. For most people, your co workers, neighbors, etc. It’s a non issue.


So you agree that conservatives who were worried about Hillary Clinton attacking their Christian religion were a bit crazy. Cool!


And that’s precisely because people actively cared about and fought against religious beliefs about gay marriage being codified in our law


No. They should lose sleep.


A candidate that wants to “abolish christianitys teachings and tenants”


I seldom use emojis. Yesterday was an exception, not the rule. I cannot help your lack of understanding or your jumping to the wrong conclusions. It is clear from the above post you have no wish to understand, so play your game and enjoy your “wins.” Meanwhile, know I am amused.


Except you arent laughing in any form. You’ve in the past endorsed fear about Clinton wanting to get rid of christianity

I’m sorry but you seem to deny what you type A LOT


There is absolutely no communication of “amusenent” or “laughter”. You got caught defending evangelicals being concerned about government forcing beliefs. After railing against atheist concerns. You then played it off as “laughing at evangelicals” (which you didnt) - even though your posting history has you agreeing with them. It’s really transparent.


How are you defining hypocrisy? I said what I meant and I meant what I said. Perhaps if I spoke more slowly? What I noted in that above thread is that a group of people were trying to shame people into not supporting President Trump, accusing them of not following good Christian teachings. I pointed out the other candidate was not spouting good Christian teachings, either. What you think you “caught” me at is beyond me. First you complain that Christians voting their religious beliefs are forcing religion on you. Next you complain about Christians not voting according to what you believe their religious beliefs should be. Finally when I offer a possible explanation on what some Christians may be thinking, you call me a hypocrite. You are harder to please than my mother–and there was a time nothing could please her. Ah, the memories.


Here’s another doozy

Just admit you empathized with evangelicals fear/concern withHillary. .


But you just said you were laughing at people who thought it was possible

Even though you’ve said in other threads you share their beliefs.

This is ridiculous. How can we have a conversation if you consistently deny what your posts literally say?


No you didnt. You said we should lose sleep about libs and Clinton wanting to dismantle Chrustianity. Again, we can read your posts.


Awesome! We have made huge progress! Don’t worry about these laws being repealed. I think there is little interest in doing so. Don’t you?


Nope, not what I said. I will type more slowly. I said that many of us were laughing that Hillary thought she could change Catholic teaching. Personally, I doubted she could change Evangelical teachings either. But I did hear some Evangelicals did not want her as President.

I’ll repeat: I did not want her as President, either, but for entirely different reasons. And, no, just like I did not with President Trump, I didn’t investigate Mrs. Clinton’s degree of Christianity either. I was listening to the government policies each favored.


I never said I was worried about them being repealed. I was explaining why atheists care about religion in America. Please read the thread.


No. You said we should lose sleep over it.


You said she wanted to dismantle christianity


Who said this?

What should cause us sleepless nights is a left wing that wants to bully and shame Christians into voting for a candidate who wants to abolish Christianity’s–especially Catholic–central teachings and tenets. If you want Christians to vote for your candidate, then perhaps next time call on him/her to support religious freedom and to respect religious teachings and beliefs. Otherwise count on Christians to vote for the adulterer who respects religious freedoms and Christian teachings


Alright, you Christian tenants–you are hereby abolished! (Shouldn’t tenants be evicted not abolished.)

I know…you don’t understand the joke. However, it keeps me laughing. What else do you have?


And I’m sorry you don’t understand a thing I say. Still, it’s amusing. Every good joke employs a twist. Keep 'em coming!