Why did/does man create religions?


Scared or concerned. Point remains. Evangelicals were concerned that government would force them into doing things (or being outlawed) against their beliefs. And so do atheists. You railed about atheists. Yet, you “can’t speak for evangelicals”. Thanks for playing.


Ya lol sure you’ve never asked or wondered to what degree trump is Christian. Sure.


Most bizarre thread ever


You do realize theres a post search?

But sure. You’ve never thought about it.


Sorry, I am not–and have not been–playing games. Interesting that you are. Congratulations on your “wins.” Anything else?

Are you aware that Mrs. Clinton specifically mentioned Catholics? And that we ignored her because we know her ability or power to change anything with the Catholic Church is zilch. I guess, according to your logic, that means we must have been “scared” of her, too. :rofl:

I am starting to understand that a lot scares you and you expect others to be scared, too. Again, interesting.


You forget. My grandfather was an atheist, I am married to an atheist, and other family members are also atheist. The “degree” of other’s Christianity simply doesn’t register with me. So, what have you discovered about President Trump’s Christianity? What “degree” of Christian do you find him to be? My grandfather/husband are zero. Do you find he rates higher than that?


Sure you are. You spent an entire thread railing against atheists for being concerned about religion in government. Yet you defend evangelicals being concerned about government forcing beliefs on them. Then you say you cant speak for them.

It’s so transparent.


You must have missed the post where I said we laughed about it. Even so, that is not the reason I did not vote for Mrs. Clinton. It is the reason some decided they did not want her as President.


Sure. That’s why you always post about how “hell” it’s truly Christian. That’s why you were talking about Christian values in government.




I know I laugh about people acting in direct conflict of my moral beliefs too.


There is no plan to oppress gay people. Gays now have equal rights. And they are here to stay. Let me know when an anti gay rights caucus forms in the house or senate. And I agree about ISIS. Islam is one religion that still has a problem. Large portions of Islam still believe in forced conversion or death. Sharia Law is horrific.


It is shameful that republicans elected Duncan Hunter.


Yes, because people played attention and no longer wanted religious views codified in our law. That’s the entire point. That’s one of the reasons atheists care about religion - because it can seep into our laws if we dont speak up.

Like creationism being taught in public schools.

I mean, many conservatives were concerned that Obama was a secret Muslim wanting to bring a new caliphate.

So, please, stop pretending that anti gay marriage laws are some thing of the distant past. And stop pretending that atheists should ignore politicians that use their religion as a basis for their actions.


Let me know when the shariah law caucus forms in the House or Senate.


Can you give some examples of how that might happen? You’ve already mentioned passing laws is not forcing religion on others. Just curious what you were afraid of.


So you agree that gay couples should be able to be married and adopt kids freely as heterosexual couples do? Cool!


Huh? I’m laughing that people think that it could happen!


No you arent. You’ve repeatedly used it in this thread and other threads (below) to rationalize trump

You havent “lol’d” or laugh emoji in any of the posts.

Sounds more like you got caught with your foot in your mouth talking about evangelicals concern that government was going to force beliefs on them through law


Oh the hypocrisy