Why did/does man create religions?


What an arrogant thing to say


I can’t speak for Evangelicals. All I can say is that I heard they did not like the idea of Mrs. Clinton changing their religious beliefs. Why Mrs. Clinton–or any government official–would want to go into a religious organization and change their beliefs is anybody’s guess. One would think she would have enough to do running the government.


Ahh lol. You also cant speak for atheists then who are concerned about religious beliefs being codified into law.


I never studied the matter, no. Didn’t with Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc., either. Am I missing something?


Ironic that you are now arguing that evangelicals are scared that the government is going to force them to stop being able to practice their religion. Sweet sweet irony.


You’ve never asked what is Christian about trump? Cmon…ok I’ll ask. What’s Christian about trump?


Interesting take. My take was, “She’s welcome to try.”


It’s what I and others have been saying this entire thread


I’m out of here


Again, you are asking me to speak for Evangelicals, and I’ve said time and again I cannot speak for them. I think you may be jumping to conclusions. I never heard they were afraid of Mrs. Clinton–only that they did not want Mrs. Clinton. I did not want her, either–but for different reasons. I believe our voices were heard–as were the voices of those who wanted Mrs. Clinton.

Not sure what your point is here.


Haven’t a clue what your point is. My point is that elected officials are voted into office to serve the interests of their state/country/those who elected them. You seem to be indicating that if these people don’t want to do anything once they are elected, no one should voice the opinion that they should get to work and do the job they were elected to do. That is what public service is all about, doing the job they were elected to do. Not sure what is so difficult to understand about this.


How do we force them to do their job? Usually saying we won’t vote for them in their next election does the trick. Why would I want to bother with their tax returns? I don’t care to see President Trump’s tax returns–never looked at any other President’s returns, either. Why do you want to see them?


Considering your posts, it appears I’m being a realist.


Yet you speak for atheists


I’m just asking you to clarify what you said lol


The point is evangelicals were concerned about government forcing them to act against their beliefs. And, yet, you spent the entire thread trailing against atheists who had the same concerns. Hahaha but you cant speak for evangelicals.

Carry on


Because you just said this

Are you following what you type? This was in the context of you saying we should “force” politicians to serve others. I asked you what you meant, you brought up bank accounts.

Do you remember now?


Strawman factory still running hard


You keep insisting that Evangelicals are scared. I merely pointed out why Evangelicals did not want Mrs. Clinton. I don’t see that as being “scared.” Interesting that you do, however.


As I just said: I don’t know, I’ve never studied the matter. So you tell me. Or someone else might be able to contribute something.