What's your favorite dessert?


Good pumpkin pie! It’s either amazing or blehh


Is that LL Bean?

You’re just a stupid hotel manager!

Two left feet

I’m not wearing underwear…

So many great moments - one of my favorite comedies of all time…


Jeez, I created a freaking lib safe space on accident


You might’ve accidentally created a thread that goes into the thousands of posts.


Banana. Apple. Cherry. Um. Uh. Boysenberry. Raspberry. Strawberry. (Whew.) Pear. Cranberry. Pomegranate. Peach. Tomato?


Another part that sticks with me is when Parker Posey and her husband are looking for the dog’s chew toy.

He yells into Posey’s face, “Go get busy bee! Run! Run!”


That’s not so strange. I have a recipe fro prune cake and it is awesome. I think people can;t get past the word prune and don’t realize it doesn’t taste like a bowl of prunes. :sweat_smile:


You didn’t even do all of the berries.

And you didn’t touch on the citrus fruits.


Yeah, I’m bad at games like that.


Okay, how about this.

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage to drink after your favorite dessert?


A warm Budweiser.


I was thinking of something respectable like a teacup full of bathtub vodka, but okay.


A tall glass of slivovitz


Article V. Article V is delicious.


Have you ever sipped Article V out of a musket? It’s unbelievable.

You feel like you’ve ripped off some mattress tags and the cops have surrounded the house, but in a good way.


anything with ganache followed by a glass of grenache