What's your favorite dessert?


They always burn the sugar on the top, what kind of ghetto places do you go?


An elderly French lady who is a friend of a friend once sent me on a mission to buy creme caramel from a store she liked.

When I asked her how much she wanted, she said, “All of it.”

So I brought her all of it.


I think someone shilled some flan to you as creme brulee.


If you get it at Mexican restaurants, they don’t always. Which brings me to tres leches, which is another tasty dessert.


AHA! Nailed it!


You’re probably right.


I can’t google fast enough.



Worst movie ever. You probably lost 20 iq points when you watched it.


Was about to just follow up on that, so bad. That clip is not even funny.


I can’t watch “Best in Show” enough. I wonder if it is on Netflix right now. If not, I’m going to have to find the hard drive that has it. I don’t know what this post has to do with anything, and I’m sorry.


I’d love to watch best in show but my ■■■■■■■ internet has been down all damn day


Thanks Obama.


Why is it only smelly libs in here? Do conservatives not eat dessert?


Conservatives, like me, eat cheese and nuts. Sometimes pickles and salami.


I love the part when Christopher Guest as Harlan Pepper starts naming nuts.


I already took their “lib tears” response.


They eat banana pudding made with vanilla wafers and packaged vanilla pudding, jello with fruit cacktail in heavy syrup, neapolitan ice cream …


My sister and I used to play a similar game during road trips (which we did a few times a year). The subject would be different types of fruit. We’d take turns until someone couldn’t name one.


I’ll buy a vowel!