What's your favorite dessert?


Do you at least use a premium ice cream?


no but I oddly wanna try it now.


I gagged. That’s a first on a forum.


Me neither. I’ve just been imagining what I wouldn’t ever eat if I did.


I have carrots, a variety of cheeses, speciality pickles, and cashews for a snack every day. Sometimes I add salami.


Pressed for time to eat dessert :thinking:


As a kid, I used to eat brown sugar. I don’t know if my mother knew that I knew where she hid it.

If sugar is the key to all good desserts, why not just eat sugar?


I’ll never forget this day. This is not a good day.


Sounds nice. I have a speciality cheese store that I go to about once a month to buy 1-2 lbs of cheese. I love going because I can try anything I want for free.


Putting good ice cream in a microwave? That’s a terrible thought. If I’m going to zap it, I’m going generic.


I ate packets of hot chocolate, that was bomb. Also took/drank Irish creamers at 7-11, less bomb.


Your taste buds are in the the ghetto.


I’ve been there.


I was like 10, pffft, Mr. Creme Brulee snob.


How about this for ghetto? Wonder bread plus Ragu spaghetti sauce plus a slice of American cheese in the oven for five minutes.

Hillbilly pizza.


I just found out that some folk but ranch dressing on their spaghetti


I’m a she, but thanks for mentioning another one of my favorite desserts. I like it when they burn the sugar on the top.


I once made two mistakes ordering a meatball sub from Subway–aside from the actual ordering of a meatball sub from Subway.

The first was having mustard added. It turned out to be very good.

The second was having ranch added. It made me sick.


Dessert is for heathens anyway, sweet is the weakling of the taste buds.


I love the creativity.