What's your favorite dessert?


Jesus Christ.


Sure, just cram some flour and lard down your gullet but sprinkle in some fruit so its “healrhy”


So Canadians eat yellow snow? Figures.


Maple taffy is basically tree urine. I bet it wreaks hell on your underwear.


makes more sense, though now I really want beef stew.


I used to make chocolate chip cookie dough from scratch and never make the cookies. I loved the dough.


Did the same thing


Canadians are weird some times I wonder how we are even a country.


Right after my healthy salad with a cup of ranch.


Anyone ever just put plain vanilla ice scream in the nuker for forty seconds and then drink it down in five seconds?

Immediately after, you anticipate a heart attack. But then comes the sugar high.

I give it four stars.


You’re not. You’re a hat


People too fat to even manage to bake the cookies are the lowest. I bet you licked the mixer too?


That’s disgusting.


I don’t really eat desserts.

I’d rather have some cheese.


at this point America is Canada pants.


Stilton with pears.


Tiramisu or Black Forest cake.


I like stilton with apricots, or a nice fig spread


Hell yeah, sugar is overrated, give me some fat and salty ■■■■.


Oh, it’s a horrible way to get the job done, but if you’re pressed for time, it’s pretty solid.