What words or phrases would you ban for 2019?


I have many. But I will start with "STRAWMAN."

It’s used so often and is so dang cliché, that it’s like fingernails on a blackboard when ever I hear it. (Yes and I do realize the libs will use it more now :nerd_face:)


Nothing Burger
Talking points


A lot of the alt-right slang is annoying. Like “cuck” and “normie”, grow up already.

Can I add teenage slang in general? Am I just getting old?


Shadow ban


And I would add the alt lefts obsession with the phrase “white supremacist.” White supremacist this white supremacist that, blah, blah, blah. Their accusations are usually met with an eyeroll. Ban it. It has lost all meaning.


I’d ban PC corporate gobbledygook.

I get all sorts of corporate speak in my emails.

“Mwevans, you’re 80% behind your target, and you don’t work Fridays, Mondays, and Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Hindu holidays.”

“Mwevans, we’ve asked you to stop sending your nudes via company email.”

“Mwevans, the female interns refuse to work with you.”

It needs to stop.


I know right? I thought honesty was a good thing. You wouldn’t dare say that they have a cute booty if they didn’t actually have a cute booty. Am I right?


“Outside the box”


Of course you want to ban strawman.

I’m not surprised in the slightest…


And you take a topic that is meant to be fun and use it to take a jab at the OP.

I’m not surprised in the slightest…


I’m having lots of fun.


And I had a really good reply to the Black Panther and White Panther posts, but someone got those deleted.





Sheople …


“President Trump”


Nice! you have two years to do something about it! Good luck! :sunglasses:


Circle Back


No words and of phrases that I would ban.

Not to say I don’t find some to be annoying, not to the point though of wanting them banned.

Often the ones that grate most are quick into usage and then overused but luckily short-lived.


No problem. But it was not meant to be taken literally. Nobody is going to ban words outside of college campuses. I should have been more clear.


I knew no one was capable of outright banning words or phrases. You were clear enough.

Trust me, no one is going to ban words or phrases from college campuses. There may come administrative edicts on not using certain words or phrases, in classes or in certain college venues, but that will not stop their use on campus away from spying eyes and ears.