What are you reading?


I finished late last year at MST. I’ve taken up a hobby of drawing hyper-dimensional objects, but I’m still constantly referencing my books and homework. There’s enough in here to keep me entertained for an extended rate of change. lol


Your hobby needs to be this forum my friend. We need you to keep up accurately appraised of what the forum software can and cannot do.

Congrats on finishing school last year.


Thanks, but there’s no way I’m ever doing any work on this place again. I’m only logged in here because college turned out to be a huge waste of time. lol


That sucks mate both about not doing any more work for the forum and college.

It does seem that any advice or work you ever did was not appreciated by those shadowy overseers in New York and a few others. Plus I see how your advice is always ignored. Okay this is turning into a love fest for SixFoot so time to stop.


lol no worries, but since we’re in a thread about reading things, check out this article on Blockchain Internet

We’re very possibly within 5 years of having two separate “internets.” Fun times are ahead with technology in this upcoming decade (bigly)!


I refrained from posting what I’m actually reading because I perceive you are a rabid anti-pseudointellectite :rofl::rofl:

The last thread level book I read was Speaker for the Dead, the sequel to Ender’s Game. Super weird. I didn’t care for it.


I liked Ender’s Game and then read this. It definitely wasn’t what I expected which was another Ender’s type book. The Bean books are more what I figured the Ender sequels would be. I never read any more of the series but thats largely because I decided years ago to boycott everything by Orson Scott Card for his extreme bigotry against gays.


Now I’m really curious what you’re reading now.


Yeah, I don’t actually care about the authors. I have people I trust to recommend worthwhile books.



If you knew you’d just roll your eyes.


I’d rather not find out about the authors politics because if they irk me strongly enough I’ll miss out on some good books rather than give the author my money. I mentioned Card but another author I’ll never read is N.K. Jemison. She wrote a fantasy series starting with The Fifth Season and every book in the series has been critically acclaimed and won awards. I was going to get the series on Audible until I saw an interview with her where she said she was inspired to write the series based on her anger toward police over Ferguson. At that point the series became a hard pass for me.


I feel you. There are some actors I don’t watch because I find them personally odious.


I’m currently reading “Friend Request”, a psychological suspense novel by Laura Marshall.

It’s an interesting combination of, so far as I just started, suspense over an incident that lead to death when the now middle aged main character was still in high school and use of modern technology like Facebook in relating to others.

Having a few off days this week, I’ll be doing quite a bit more reading.


I can recommend the Gardner book, but not that by James Lee Burke’s daughter Alafair. I’m afraid her characters are so despicable—both in “The Wife” and “The Ex” probably relatively few can relate to them. The one gem :gem: in the rough in “The Wife” is married to the job Detective Corrine Duncan, a very shrewd woman.


Re-reading “Shogun” for the umpteenth time.


“The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander
“Mortal Machines: Predators Gold” by Phillip Reeve


Next book club pick is called “Nothing Daunted” by an author named Wickenden. It’s billed as the account of two upper class East Coast young women who spend a year teaching in a rural school in Colorado in 1916. Don’t think it lived up to expectations.

Best thing about our book club is that the picks are generated by the group, not from some ALA or bestseller list, and we mix fiction and non-fiction. Until I get the next pick, I’m reading one of Grisham’s books - I think it’s called “The Confession.”


Just started The Fall of Gondolin (Tolkein), next up is Solo, and then a new (for me, not sure if its a new story) Stephen King.


Had an overdose of fiction/suspense. I can recommend “Friend Request”, though.

It’s a little insight into British society and includes such relevant topics as the emotional damage teasing and bullying can take on both the perpetrators and victims, & various forms of stalking.

Currently I’m juggling a historical fiction—“Girl at the Grave”—while continuing to learn Arabic. Found a really beautifully illustrated history of the Mayan & Aztecs in the discounted section of my local library.


Finished Void Moon by Michael Connelly and The Stranger by Harlan Coben in the last week on audiobook. Both are thriller type books.

Currently listening to Ex-Purgatory by Peter Clines. Many I’m sure have never heard of Clines or his Ex series. Its a world with superheros only where they failed to prevent the zombie apocalypse. Now the remaining heroes are trying to protect the last of the human race only some with powers are evil and heroes who get bit by zombies and become super zombies are really hard to deal with. Its actually an enjoyable mashup of genres even if its not particularly deep.