What Are You Listening To?





Probably not in the spirit of the thread but I’m listening to my co-worker snore in the next cube. Have to introduce him to the forum.


He woke up and now he’s playing I’m only Sleeping by the Beatles.


Jimmy showing blues skills on acoustic…


I have to say I’d never heard of him, but I love that song. Reminds me a lot of Dwight Yoakam, but it’s a great song. Thanks for posting it. I may look for his album.


This is brilliant. I absolutely love this.


Damn. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch that the video cuts off. Here’s the whole song.


And since we’re talking about Woodstock.


More of the brilliance of Hendrix.


Last one for now. Another great Hendrix clip.


OK, so I lied. This will be my last for awhile. It popped up on YouTube without me searching for it. But it’s so damn good. And Prince is astounding.


That’s Dhani Harrison, George Harrison’s son, playing in that clip. Love the moment when he and Petty smile at Prince. They all knew how great a moment that was.


I think this is an amazing JImmy vid. The real experience.


and some ancient history music…