Was trump sent to us by God?


Not to people who have been through previous discussions of the Islamic faith. Fundamentalists of the Islamic faith believe nothing can happen without it being the will of God. One cannot raise one’s little finger unless that is the will of God, one cannot put food on the table unless it be the will of God, and one cannot fly a plane into the World Trade Center if it is not the will of God. In other words. In other words Islam Fundamentalist believed it was the will of God for the Trade Center and the Pentagon to be hit, and also the will of God that the attack on the White House/Capitol failed–at least that time.

Most other faiths have the concept of free will. If I wish to raise my hand, shoplift, or push someone, it is my will, not the will of God that this happens. Not so in fundamentalist Islam. In Islam if it happens it is the will of God. If it does not happen it is the will of God.

Oh, and it is not at all interesting that I did not respond to the previous poster. Standard procedure for years.


Nice spin. :wink:


Shrug. Read up on the Islamic faith. Or not.


Sarah looks like the devil, if you ask me.


I don’t know why you believe this line is the difference between Christianity and Islam. There are plenty of bible verses which indicate everything is the will of god. Now I suppose you could twist and re-interpret those verses to a different meaning, but so what? You could do the same with Islamic verse.

Also plenty of Christians believe everything is the will of god. You could dismiss that vein of belief and claim your own interpretation is the only divine one, but that would just make you sound silly, and in effect extinguish any merit of your opinion. Either way, now I can see why you didn’t respond to ImRightYoureWrong’s post when he made it.


The perspectives about the will of God is not the line that that marks the differences between Islam and Christianity. It is simply one of the differences in perspective regarding the will of God. Nothing is being twisted. Perspectives are being clearly presented–including the one that there is no God, so there is no will of God. :wink:

I doubt you will find many Christians who take the view that when theft, murder, and adultery occur, it is the will of God, else it could never have happened. Almost all will say it is the sin of the individual, a sign of someone turning from God instead of to God and His will. In the Christian Lord’s Prayer, we actually pray that God’s will be done, signifying it is not yet being done on earth as it is in heaven.


Of course there are. Plenty of christians believe everything is god’s will, even when a mere mortal can’t understand the meaning of his plans. You’ve never heard about how the lord works in mysterious ways?

And Islam does not teach that man does not have free will when it comes to theft or murder. I don’t even know where you are getting this notion.


Read more deeply into Islam if you wish. I’ve never met these “plenty of Christians” so I’ll take your word for it.


There is no need for me to prove a negative. If Islam really teaches about free will in the manner you claim, it is up to you to prove your claim.


In other words you are too lazy or not interested enough to do your own reading. So why should I take time to explain the intricacies of it to you. I gave you a sketch of Fundamentalist Islam. They have an entire book for those who want to dig deeper and learn about specifics of other teachings.


It’s my responsibility to prove your claim, how again?

You don’t know what you are talking about. It’s clear you know next to nothing about Islam. It’s sad how Cons so often just make things up when they need a substitute for actual facts.


No. That is all


I do know what I am talking about–to the extent that reaches from students I teach, two books I’ve read–but that is it. If you wish to fill in the gaps, be our guest. It is what the forums are for.


no you don’t.


So tell us what is correct.


It’s correct that in these times there is a bigger and bigger circus of self professed intellects who constantly lay claim to expertise they don’t have, replacing made-up stories for actual intellect, all the while accusing everyone and everything around them as fake news. When asked to prove their claim, they admit they are wrong exactly zero percent of the time. Rather, they have a tendency to petulantly lash out at whomever happens to be calling them out.

I already corrected your erroneous claim several posts ago, go back and read.


And why should I elevate you over my own students and my own studies? I think we are through here.


Perhaps Cons should stop whining like petulant school students whenever someone asks them to support their claims. If they don’t like being called out on their bogus alternative facts, perhaps they should simply stop making things up.


Unless you come up with specifics, we are at a standstill. I haven’t a clue what you are trying to get at with your generalities. I flat out said I was painting a broad picture of a fundamental segment. I said it was not in depth. Where you want to go from here–if anywhere–is up to you. If you are saying you can find another denomination or branch that follows other teachings, I would not be a bit surprised. Tell us more.


You expect me to read the koran for answers but you can’t even manage to read responses to your own posts? And I’m the lazy one?

If you can’t follow a simple conversation that’s not my problem. I’ve specified everything plain english, in sentences that are easy to understand. Go back and read.