Was trump sent to us by God?


I was raised in a Musicals loving family.


You’re right, the spineless GOP congresspeople who voted against funding the government at his direction deserve responsibility. Prior to the Democrats taking the house, the senate unanimously voted to fund the government and the House votes it down. Then the Democrats took the house and voted for the bill and McConnell refused to bring it to the floor. Blatant partisan hackery.

We tried a bill that would improve border security. The Democrats offered $25 billion in exchange for permanent status for DACA recipients. The GOP and trump opposed it.

Trump doesn’t care about border security or he would have taken that deal. He cares about a monument to himself.


Donald Trump is not a Blues Brother so there is no missions from god!


What I see in Sarah’s statement is not the elevation of Donald Trump, but the denial of free will. To me the key word is that “God calls all of us.” If we are all embodying God’s plan, then Sarah H. Sanders is fulfilling God’s plan, as is Robert Mueller and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The all whom God calls would include the nineteen terrorists who attacked the US on 9/11 and many others whom we dislike or despise.

Following this logic, it is clear that God may have wanted Donald Trump to be President, but do any of us claim to know why God had such a goal for Donald Trump? Trump’s role could be to make America great again, or it could be end America’s era as the world’s leading country. I make no claim that I understand what God intends. Do you?

Sarah’s quote says we all live in God’s unfolding universe, but it is not clear that she understands God’s intentions any better than I do, or anyone else for that matter. To recognize that world is unfolding according to God’s plan is simply noticing what is happening; to suggest one understands God’s intent is to elevate oneself to the status of a God. I don’t believe Sarah Sanders would do that.


Of course he was. The House and Senate had a unanimous deal to keep the govt open, Trump verbally agreed to sign off on it. Instead of keeping his word he chose to shut down the government.


Border security was not being addressed.


Of course it was, there was well over a billion dollars assigned to it. The amount of border security funding was overwhelmingly agreed upon by the House and Senate. You don’t even know what you are talking about.


My first thought was “why is this in politics.” Then I saw that Sanders said it, which explains that. We live in interesting times.


Maybe this is the wrong question… IS Trump god?


Actually, I do. I asked whether President Trump was given the amount he requested, whether the amount would be enough to secure the border to the extent deemed necessary? Isn’t the answer, No, Congress removed four-fifths from that request, thumbing their collective noses at the President. They dared him, thinking he would never take them up on it…

Congress should have done better because we, the nation, deserve better.


No, you dont. The house and Senate had an agreement. Trump said he would veto it. This is all on Trump.


Lol … we deserve our government to be open and for our federal workers to be paid. The nation voted to put Democrats in the house too. You’re not getting the wall.


Just like Obama, Bush, Clinton…


Yes. Just like anyone. This does not mean that just because a person chooses on his own to do something, that it was God who called for him to do it. President Trump never said he felt called by God. If it was his own choice, an interesting question might be, What, if anything, the President has done, appears (at the present time) to have God’s blessing?


Like the 9-11 attackers


Obviously you don’t. Trump agreed to the deal, period. The fact that the deal he agreed to wasn’t the full amount he pitched at the beginning of negotiations is irrelevant.


Only to a few people who have dyslexia.


He is the completion of the quadrupily


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