Was trump sent to us by God?


Old school! But a good band. Fun fact: although I listened this band in the 80s, I didn’t see them live until 2016. They still put on a good show.


Spent way to much money on the tickets. Spent way to much time in line. Had more fun than any human should possiby have while waiting in said line, then doubled that fun during the outdoor concert. That was in the 80’s.

After the concert we had a little more fun. If we even tried what we did that night, we probably would have been shot by someone :smiley:


Did God want Sarah to be press secretary?


Then again God did warn us to be vigilant against false prophet’s :thinking:


I’m OK with the Patriots being in the Super Bowl every year. (And winning.) Not to mention the Red Sox in the World Series. Even though my home team is the Giants. (I’m originally from Boston.)


Sorry, Sarah, but God wouldn’t’ be a registered Republican.


If the past has shown us anything God can use wicked men Trump definitely has some Nebuchadnezzar qualities to him.


Well, yeah, his lackey McConnell played a big part. But Trump said he’s take full responsibility before it even happened.


Be very careful you might get what you are wishing for,


How’s that, exactly. We already have King Locust.


Romans 13:1
1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.


I doubt he’d be a regustered Democrat either.


The same scripture applies to Democrats when they are in office.

Also not only could it be applied to Trump but Stalin and Hitler.


Of course.
Paul knew Nero, Tiberius and Caligula when he wrote Romans. All butchers and tyrants. Romans 13 certainly applied to them.


From your lips to His ears!


It’s a figure of speech.


Considering the intensity of fake news, it probably won’t be long.


The 11th commandment:

Thou shall not covet thy neighbors wife unless tax cuts are at stake and you have 160k to hide it


He should take most of the responsibility, but he certainly wasn’t the only cause of the government shutdown. Further, if everyone involved acknowledges their own responsibility, then everyone involved can legitimately take credit when the border is secured and immigration reform is a reality. The country has been waiting for this since President Reagan. Let’s just do it for no other reason than that we can finally move on.


Yes he was. The Senate passed a unanimous bill. The house was going to vote on it but Trump told Ryan not to take it up because he would veto it.