Was trump sent to us by God?


#1 Trump did not win the nomination with a majority of Republican votes during the primary. He won
with a plurality of Republican citizens that voted for him, not a majority.

#2 Trump did not win the office with a majority of American votes during the general. More American citizens voted against Trump than voted for him.
Just FYI…


When will that be?


In your opinion, was trump brought to us by God?


Yes that’s why we need to MAGA. America has lost it’s way God is sending hurricanes


Trump does remind me a lot of Jesus, now that you mention it.

  1. The best version with WIlliam Daniels as Mr. Adams, IMHO.


John Adams…1776


I DID NOT see this answer before I posted…I swear!


Sure. But not in the way Sarah Sanders thinks.


Had no idea. I kinda like creating different
10FillInTheBlank depending on my mood and the thread.


That’s why I wasn’t sure if you knew. I noticed that became a thing.


“The beauty of religious mania is that it has the power to explain everything. Once God is accepted as the first cause … logic can be happily tossed out the window."
-Stephen King


If god has a sense of humor, he definitely failed in this aspect. I would say trump was called by the devil.


This is stupid because if you ask the same people ‘was Obama sent to us by God?’ they’ll say ‘no, that was Satan’ or say ‘God sent Obama to bring us Trump’. It’s all crap.


Besides, a more interesting question might be, when asked to be Vice President, what part prayer played in Vice-President Pence’s decision to accept the position.


Cant comprehend Gods mystery benghazi


Not anymore :smiley:

With it down to five characters, ANYONE should be able to come up with a reasonable reply to any post. If less than 5 characters it’s probably no conductive to discussion.


I’ll probably get a lot of flack over posting this:

Song I used to listen to back in the . . . . well it was after the dinosours left the earth and earlier than “climage change” became a thing. You have to listen to the lyrics, but essentially the song is about God having a sick sense of humor because of two things that happened to a girl at 16 and 18 and the person singing expects to find God laughing when he dies.

*** Caution no bad words but some might find the topic of this song offensive ***


You guys are my dudes yo.

We watch the 1972 film version every 4th of July. Then we follow it up with Independence Day because ‘Merica.


A Trump presidency and three straight years of the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

The only explanation is that all 325 million of us are playing the role of Job, and God is testing us.

So yes - God allowed Satan to send us these two plagues, so I agree with Sanders.