Was trump sent to us by God?


Most recently he made me miss 2 paychecks due to a temper tantrum.


Not sure if you’re aware, the ten character minimum is now five.


No one else had a hand in that?


There were others involved - but he was one of the most visible ones.


God is not happy.


Because He wanted to play a practical joke on us?


You are the American people
And it’s time for you to realize
Trump, like the plague, is from God
For he sees something wrong in his eyes


Maybe he wanted to show everyone just who Republicans are, and what they will tolerate for control over the people.


And behold God sent his only real estate mogul son to build a wall and stick it to the libz


Because of our iniquities, the Almighty has lifted His veil of protection from the United States and a scourge has descended upon the Oval Office and therefore the nation. I look at the feminists, the gays, and the abortionists and point my finger in their face: you caused this to happen.

(Bonus points if you can name who I’m paraphrasing here)


Sent by God, like He sent frogs to Pharoh?


Not sure, maybe one of those televangelist turds? Or maybe those other freaks, what are they called, Westgate or Westboro or something?


Jerry Falwell in the aftermath of 9/11


I would rather have just been stuck with locusts.


robertsons 9/11 speech…


Or Pat Robertson.


yeah, fawell… hard to tell the crackpots apart…


Lord I’d suffer an Earthquake
Or a plague with some despair
But Lord, you sent us Congress
Good God sir, was that fair?

(double bonus points for this reference)


God wanted a serial adulterer who cheats people out of money and treats other humans like trash. Makes complete sense.


You’ll realize she is right when the truth comes out about Obama and his Deepstate.