Was the virgin birth allegory?


Israel, the bedrock of the 3 major religions, have no problem with abortions.
The government will even pay for it.

Further, it is the god you believe that performs as many abortions, as humans do.
Now, I know they are just naturally occurring miscarriages, that happen for a variety of reasons. But for those that believe life begins at conception…


There is a world out there, that I am not sure you are aware exists.

If a landlord, believes one is gay, and there is no discussion of sex…and that landlord does not want to rent a gay person, even if they are celibate…that is perfectly legal in many states.

An employer can do the same.

And there are usually 2 reasons why a person does this. Mostly due to religion (although Jesus never mentions homosexuality) or, the ick factor. But that one almost exclusively applies to men.

Now, go fight for all those unattractive people who are being discriminated against.


Well, it’s a fact that taller men and prettier women get better paying jobs than short men and plain women. : )


I quoted the post I responded to. It was right there in the post you replied to. I quoted your own words. You made the post today.

It won’t take much effort to go back and look. You’re asking me to do that for you. I’m telling you that you’ll have to do that for yourself.


Not at all. I’m just showing that it works.

And I don’t know what else to say about that.


Its the activity of virgin birth we are talking about…I can write an allegory using Abe lincoln just because he existed doesnt mean the story is true or happened or isnt told to express something else. Virgin birth could symbolize creation of a God from another world. Abe Lincoln flew to space only to be brought down by a rogue asteroid. Is it true just because abe existed? Not everything in an allegory needs to be metaphorical- but some of the story can be. In this case…the virgin birth.


Except virgin births are possible.


Then they wouldnt be miracles from God…unless you’re suggesting miracle virgin births are possible…of course without providing evidence


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From the ‘’‘Don’t Call Us Mormons’’ thread:

That’s the story


That’s not a miracle from God and that’s now how the bible describes the virgin birth… of course, it is possible to get someone pregnant without intercourse. Are you suggesting another human somehow got Mary pregnant without intercourse because that is not a miracle, that’s just conception without intercourse, which is done all the time with sperm donors…thus is a very bad argument for Mary virgin birth…very bizarre argument. Males it even more believable this was just allegory


I’m just saying virgin birth isn’t anything to get excited about, or as miraculous as some might think. A lot of that stuff in bible about the early part of jesus’ life has to be a bit suspect.


Ok i understand but we are not talking about non miraculous virgin births but rather conception via holy spirit …not by some indirect means of transfer


Once I learned about the birds and the bees, I just assumed that Mary had sex with a dude, because that’s what happened.


That’s the stuff that’s been born out of myth and been justified ever since.


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No, it’s not.


Well, there is also the dying and coming back to life. That seems a bit suspect as well.


Yeah, all good stories need a hook.


Ok thanks.