Was the virgin birth allegory?


I think all of the major denominations agree on the virgin birth being literal. I grew up in a semi-Evangelical Protestant Church and that is what we were taught.

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It’s not allegorical, and can be real even today. In one thread here, a poster gave a description how it occurred to a friend of his. It’s somewhere in this Category.


Cross pollination? Color me non-believing. Sorry.


I found it. It’s in the thread ‘‘Don’t call Us Mormons’’ It starts at about post #60. and continues about several post further down.
Seems real.


OK - I’ll check it out.


Wasn’t there a reliable historian around that time called Josephus? I seem to recall he verified a lot of early history. Maybe even 32 A.D.?


He lived after Christ:


Is it possible there is a God? If so, then all else is possible too.


Then isn’t any god/gods/goddess as possible as any other.


My husband is in favor of banning abortion. He is an atheist. Does his voice count? What anti-LGBT laws?


It was in the year 93. He did not witness it. He heard about it. And wrote about it.

Heresay. Not evidence.


Sure, his opinion counts. What is his reasoning?

As far as LGBT laws. It is perfectly legal to discriminate LGBT for renting a home, applying for a job, adopting a child.

From Wiki:
the United States has no federal law outlawing discrimination nationwide other than from federal executive orders which have a more limited scope than from protections through federal legislation. This leaves residents of some states unprotected against discrimination in employment, housing, and private or public services. Thus, LGBT persons in the United States may face challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents.


Same as mine. No government should favor of killing the innocent.


So might single people. So might the obese. So might people who are not as attractive as others. So might people who stutter. And so on and so forth.

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I wasn’t trying to imply that you told me wrong. I thought I was clearly blaming my browser.


I’m getting the impression that you thought I was implying that you told me wrong.

Yet I clearly blamed my browser.



There is zero logic in your analogy.

But, if you want to campaign for unattractive or single or stutterers that are being discriminated against…go for it.


That’s not an analogy. It is fact. There is a rush to victim hood these days. Why would anyone want to discuss their sex life in the workplace or at a job interview is beyond me.


I’m sure you don’t believe that’s what is happening.