Was the virgin birth allegory?


DaMan said that Christians took their miracle stories from religions that had existed before Christianity.

Meriweather said that Christianity could have evolved just as independently as dolls that were invented independently in the East as well as the West.


Makes total sense. Dolls are like miracles.


Hmmm. It seems to me you did not comprehend the answer or the response…as usual. I am taking a break from you for at least several months. You may enjoy playing the part of judgemental, critical grumpy old man, but I enjoy an exchange of ideas. This forum is about addressing the topic, not making me the topic of your responses. Until then.


This is where reading rabbinical commentary handed down through the ages can be of great benefit. The intent of the original author to his audience was the ideal of waiting on God and His instructions rather than taking things into our own hands. The author was addressing what the people were doing wrong, not what God was doing wrong.

With the Ten Plagues we must keep in mind that people saw what was happening as God’s will or doing versus belief today that has evolved to the understanding that the physical world has its own perils, and God’s hand is a saving/helping hand. Just as sunlight is the same everywhere, so is God’s light. The same sun that melts candles, hardens clay. It is not the sun that treats wax and clay differently–it is the wax and the clay that respond differently to that same sun.

What lacked in the education of teenagers is how the accounts were originally intended versus how modern teenagers might see them given modern day culture.


I didnt think your post addressed whether virgin birth was allegory either. Exchange of ideas is a 2 way street is all I’m saying… when I asked if jesus virgin birth was allegory you kinda pretty much said in so many words that it isnt because it isnt


Starting with the assumption that I was raised in a particular faith is speaking for me.

Should be clear by now that I’m not going to let you do that.

And given that you seem to have retained your 12-year-old interpretation of religion, I’m not interested in discussing much of anything to do with religion with you. (I’ve see that sort of interpretation from you for years, so I appreciate the confirmation from your “I-showed-mine, so-will-you-show-me-yours” attempt to jump start what you want from me.)



I’ll just repeat what I said 100 posts ago.

All we have now are people trying to convince each other that their choice of what they want to see should prevail in the other.


I did not say people of faith should not be in government.
Just keep one’s faith separate from the government.

For example, legislators should base legislation based on empirical evidence of facts, vs religious text of beliefs. If those beliefs and/or text are in line with the facts, fine.


Again, both of those are a full generation or more after Jesus’ alleged existence.

  1. In that way you are just like Koushi. Not strong enough in your faith to want to discuss it.

  2. So do you believe that God is a God of love? Can I at least ask that? If so, how can you reconcile that belief with the fact that he deilberately subjected the Egyptians to nine plagues more than he needed to - killings, suffering, up to and including innocent first born children - just so he could show his power to the Isrealites?


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No, it’s not.

It was a deduction. If it’s an inaccurate deduction why not just say so?

If you started in one faith and switched to another, it would be interesting to know why you did that. Did you start as an atheist and then accept God?


You’ve got to remember that I was 12, Meri. ; ) That I’d been told all my life that God was a God of love, but when I actually started being taught the BIble instead of a few stories for kids, it was quite clear he wasn’t.

That’s something I’ve never understood about God, if he’d actually existed. He created everybody, yet he chooses the Israelites as his chosen people even though they defy him every step of the way, and kills his other creations instead of working with them too to create the heaven on Earth that Jesus is supposed to bring.

In fact he sews dissension among man with the Tower of Babel because he doesn’t want mankind to scale rthe heights and become like Gods.

It’s bad enough, from an atheistic standpoint, that we humans treat each other like crap. It’s even worse , I would think, if you’re a believer in a God of love and yet see his active attempts to make mankind miserable.


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No, dolls are like religions. ; )

Or like wings that evolved separately for birds and insects.


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I remember someone, I can’t remember his screen name, who said that God is letting us see that mankind isn’t fit to govern himself without God.

My response to him at that time and my response to anyone who says that now is that God never game mankind the chance. From day 1 he sent Satan into the world to tempt us (speaking from a religious standpoint) and introduced evil.

It would have been nice if he’d just left us alone and seen what we could do without the interference of any supernatural entities. Like what we were achieving with the Tower of Babel and a single language so we could all understand each other.


I’ll follow both pieces of info above. Thanks.


CS Lewis’ _The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe_is a good example of an allegory. The lion Aslan the lion represents Christ or God, the White Witch represents evil, and Edmund represents Judas. In the story of the nativity, who does Mary represent? Who does the baby represent? Who does the angel represent? In my view, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph do not represent anyone other than themselves. How do you see it? Who does Mary represent? Joseph? Jesus?