Was the virgin birth allegory?


Why are talking like you’re looking for a fight?


Nobody believed Mary when she said she must have gotten pregnant from a toilet seat.


Actually, there is, and scholars agree he did exist. Whether he is who he claimed to be (or who authors claimed he was) is what is open for debate.


As Guvnah pointed out, it comes down to faith–our own and of those who wrote the accounts and handed it down to us. For me, the deciding factor is this: I follow the teachings of Christ, and have seen the miracles in my own life. Who am I to claim that the miracles in my own life are real, but those in the lives of Mary and Jesus must be allegory?

Likewise, those who have not seen miracles in their own lives are not likely to believe they occur in anyone’s life–including mine, including Mary’s and Jesus’.


many miracles in the bible were real like noah’ Ark and Moses parting the sea and talking snake with adam and eve I dont see why virgin birth wouldnt. some would say those are allegory they are wrong Are you a literalist?


Do you think that there are no Republicans who are also atheists?

Why don’t you just answer a simple question. Why do you consider the Bible to be truth, but the Koran to be lies?


Seems to me he was just trying to explain what he was saying as clearly as he could.

Why do certain Christians think that anyone trying to understand how someone can believe one book - the Bible, but not another book, the Koran - or for that matter the Mormons who can somehow believe their Mormon book - are not looking for discussion but rather a “fight.” I don’t say “I"m Right Your Wrong” doesn’t do that (no offense, bro) but others who are quite civil are clearly just looking for debate.


Guvnah didn’t point that out, I did. And then he accused me of harassing him.


No. There isn’t a record of Jesus in his alleged time on earth.

Everything about Jesus’ life is here say. (except the bible).

Scholars may agree. But it is opinion, not evidence.

I am certainly open to looking at any evidence of his existence, of his alleged time on earth. But I have looked. And it aint there.

(usually people come back with the Jewish historian Josephus, but that was in the year 93, which was 50+years after jesus alleged death. Again, more here say)


Please understand, I do not have issues with anyone believing in any faith/religion.
If that helps them travel through life with peace, and comfort…that is great.

Most religions have positive aspects of how to live, how to treat people, and encourages people to do good. There are many versions of the golden rule, which os one I embrace.

I just wish more people of faith would do the same.

I also do not want any religion mixed in with the government. Mixing them, usually negatively affects both.



Not sure why you think I say the Koran is LIES. It’s just the book of faith for a faith I do not embrace.

Jumping to “LIES” when it comes to another faith expression is what makes for an ineffective Religion forum. That’s not me.

Just saying.


Not sure why “Republican” has any bearing here.


I would offer you some excellent advice. If you believe it then fine. If you don’t believe it, then also fine. If you are undecided, still fine. People need to make their own decisions on this without facing the judgement of others. Yes?



You’re willing to read between the lines when you want to. Not sure why it’s so selective though.

The harassment (which was only one word of many I stated, BTW, but I notice your penchant for distilling a single word and harping on it) was not in reference to Faith.

“Well then what was the harassment?”

Drop it. We’ll go another 50 posts splitting hairs about that next. Others have commented on it too, so I’m not the only one who saw it. But now you seem seriously bothered that I said that. Just drop it. You’re not going to find satisfaction harping on it. I’ve let it go. You can too.




Not trying to be the spelling police, but just because we all need to learn something new everyday…

It’s “hearsay.”

I heard someone else say it…


Because you specifically accused “Libs” of wanting to pick fights.

Yet not all Libs are atheists, just as not all Republicans are Christians.


So can we discuss this a bit further?

You believe in the Bible, on faith.

The Muslims believe in the Koran, on faith. Why don’t you believe in the Koran? What about its principles do not appeal to you, that you find appealing in the Bible?

Muslims, at least radical Muslims, go about chopping people’s heads off “on faith”. Are they justified in doig so, because they have absolute faith in their own particular “bible”?


Many Rebublicans are libs. Many Christians are libs. Not all libs are libs in all areas. Someone who is a lib on one issue may not be a lib on another. The flip side of those coins are also true.

My statement about libs applies in the context of the issue being discussed, and it especially applies to the way libs conduct themselves on this board.

Of course, libs will say the same about me. ( shrug )

The libs thing is a rathole. I shouldn’t have brought it up.


It’s not the faith I adhere to. It’s as simple as that. And I doubt you’re going to get much of a different answer no matter how many times you ask, or in how many different ways you ask it.