Was the virgin birth allegory?


Which ones? Basically, I am speaking of Christian philosophies such as love God, love of fellow man. Which Greek, Roman, Egyptian philosophy are we considering?


Magic is not reality.
Gods are not reality.
Ghosts are not reality.
Zombies are not reality.

Religions are (generally) based in faith of a higher being, and/or deity, that come in a multitude of forms. Which is not reality. If it were reality…there would still be some around today.


A lot of the teachings of Christ are quite good.
As are Mohamed.
As are Buddah.
As are many of the Hindi Gods and Goddesses.

It is the magic, and the claim of being God, or son of God…is where I stop.


All of their religious philosophies. Usually in poly-theistic religions different gods represented the ideals you mentioned. (love of god, fellow man, etc.)


Just because something was written by man in the bible doesn’t make it so


I explained this in the post above quoted post


God is Spirit, which means there is no physical matter to measure. He is real, your claims to the contrary. I know this, have experience of it.


There are no claims of magic. Many people do not believe Jesus is the son of God, so that is not unique to you.


I would agree some, though perhaps not all. In any case, precisely my point.


Never said it did. Your point?


Haha what was YOUR point…a lot of people including you are saying things


Your faith in a god is real.

That does not it reality.


No claims of magic?


They may be labeled as “miracles”…but, it’s really just claims of magic.


All religion was fabricated in an attempt to explain how did we get here and where are we going after death. It was used to explain all kinds of things that man didn’t understand from the weather to death to birth. Christian religion is no different than all the other man made myth religions that came before it, in fact Christian religion borrowed heavily from them. The only reason christianity is still around is because of science. Religions lived or died throughout history by either being conquered by another nation or being the nation that did the conquering. And who won these wars came down to who had the best military which almost always came down to science - better weapons, better ships, etc. Because christianity was the religion of Europe and Europe conquered half the world without being conquered by a competing religion it is now what we know in Europe and the US. Not because of any truthfulness but because science has kept it on top.


You misunderstand. I am one who does not need to rely on faith.


Incorrect. Judaism for one focuses on how to live this life. A few Christian denominations are very much the same. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn Hindus and Muslims have the same approach.


disingenuous, what separates religion from general philosophies on how to live is religion’s extra frameworks on God, prophecy and miracle. The Atkins diet isnt a religion nor is the golden rule. Ask yourself why it’s called “hindu” vs “christian” vs “Judaism” vs “Atkins diet”


Do you practice a religious faith? Or do you simply assume you know why others do? I have no idea where you are going with the Atkins diet, so let’s skip that.

One of the themes throughout the Bible is God with us, God among us, God in our midst. It speaks of relationships God has with mankind. Believers are those who seek this relationship and reach out and (as a couple of poets put it) to touch the face of God.

What you may not know about me is that I am married to an atheist, my grandfather was an atheist, and so are several other members of my family. Where they and ardent Internet atheists differ is that they are not on a mission to tell others God does not exist and to insist they know more about the Bible and what it “really” is than do people of faith.

All I am doing is explaining to you why I do not see scripture as you do. Nor do I have a literal view of scripture, but neither do I dismiss it as myth because in depth study opens up the panorama of God and His people.


No let’s not skip that…that’s the primary point. It’s simply a fact that what makes “religion” that separates it from general lifestyles is that religions involve deities…it is absurd to suggest otherwise. Someone who follows a loving lifestyle, ears healthy, etc isnt “religious” and the primary thing that makes christianity “christianity” is the belief jesus was God … let’s skip the rest of your post because it’s irrelevant and clouds the question


More disingenuous…are you a Democrat or do you assume why they believe what they do? You dont have to be religious to study religion…weird