Useless Information


Globe Wernicke lawyers bookcases are absolutely wonderful. Efficient, nice to look at and flexible.

I like the somewhat deeper and taller metal versions even more.

The difficulty comes in getting two 7’ tall bookcases and one 5’ tall bookcase in an ordinary bedroom along with all the other things therein…


Ate a steak and baked potato for dinner …


The opossums have discovered our fruit trees … :rage:


Starting hurricane prep …


Took my sister out to Dairy Queen for lunch.

News on the TV talking about this anonymous character.


A moose dressed up like he was going to a renessaince fair, strumming on a lute and singing Hey, Nonny Nonny.

The love for bad puns runs deep and strong in me. The dark side that is.


Boarded up my windows and deck, hopefully not in futility. Live 10 miles from the coast and expecting a direct hit. Gonna ride it out …


The team that scores the most in the superbowl will win


The team that scores the most after the game gets the most paternity suits…


Survived a direct hit from Hurricane Florence …


Hope you’re doing okay…that was a pretty phenomenal storm O_O


Drawing a picture of Niagara Falls…


there are no more stamps in a dozen even with both feet


Since the recent hurricane, the mosquitos are terrible and seem to be bigger than normal …


The biggest, nastiest mosquitos I’ve ever seen were in the arctic.



I can attest to that. I spent two weeks on Montague Island, Alaska on a military deployment back in 1976 and I have never seen mosquitos and mosquito swarms that big!


I hope you all are having a good evening. Ordered this sweater from Dresslily:

I’m not sure if Khaki would look good on me, but I barely have anything of that color in my wardrobe. Hopefully with my light-mid brown hair, this will be complimentary to it.