Useless Information


Looked at a nice little 3/2 house today about 1300 sqft perfect size for the wife and I being the kids are all grown and moved out


Watered the garden …


A male Cardinal (bird) has been poking my front window for two years. I think he lost his mate.


Mowed the lawn this afternoon …


Got the house
nice little 3/2 we close on it next week


Time to weed the yard


I’m taking tomorrow off. I may go to the garden center.


both Turks and Greeks think they invented baklava.


Orders pan pizza from Pizza Hut …


I went to the garden center.


Decided to take on replacing the power window motor and regulator in my truck. Going against my better judgement, I am.


That’s funny. I’m about to order a manual regulator for the drivers door for my '94 Miata.


i have to replace one in my 02 silverado


Froglube smells like mint.


i planted part of my garden today


I just got done checking my eyelids for holes


Wife weeded the garden today …


our stomach thinks all potatoes are mashed…


I love fully loaded baked potatoes!


So, I just finished. Wasn’t as bad as I thought. I made sure I had some ice cold beer on hand. I rate the difficulty as two beer units. I actually purchased molding removal tools for the job. Tools and parts were $60. The lowest estimate I got was $300. It’s funny, some people seem to price themselves right out work. I would have easily paid someone $150 for it.