Useless Information


That looks like DaGooseMon


Didn’t change his underwear for 2weeks?
Think of the savings on laundry!


Did some yardwork today …


I lost my sheet music binder for Orchestra. But I still have the violin score of Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” and the Barber of Seville that I accidentally forgot to turn in…


I wish I could read music …


I can teach you, if you like :slight_smile:


My 8 month old dachsund watches TV and barks at all the animals…whether it be a commercial with dogs,or an old Gunsmoke show with horses. She barks at them and the other 2 dogs run outside barking…then she runs outside to see what they are barking at. It’s cheap entertainment.


On August 4, 2010, the high temperature in Dallas, Tx was 100 degrees. That’s Fahrenheit.


Our dog thinks she is a lap dog
that would be ok if she was not 106 pounds


Not sure what I’m going to eat for breakfast this morning


Ate lunch at the Hibachi Buffet restaurant …


Found my sheet music


why is house hunting such a pain in the ass :frowning:


No kidding. Bought three homes, sold two, and paid off my current home. No more house hunting, thank goodness!


I had an eye exam this morning. Apparently, my eyes are still there …


Ha-ha! :sunglasses:


Did you study for it?


My doctor though I was a pirate. Every letter looked like an “R” to me.


I give hearing tests to people and also give them a cheat sheet so they can pass. :blush::grinning:


Planted some peppers, tomatoes, and egg plant in the garden this afternoon …