Trump disapproval rating at all time high amid shutdown


For as week as our voting laws are it’s not true!


Again, week voting laws make it fails.


So it’s your opinion that what I just provided you is “fake”?


Yes. Remove one of the largest most populous states and that means that Trump got more votes.

Really dumb argument


The gloating over the disenfranchisement of us Californians because we are liberal is the biggest arrow in the every growing quiver of proof that Trumpers are at their core authoritarian.


But let’s not forget the biggest failure. Trump himself.


Are these laws that only last 7 days or something?


If you removed every vote but mine, “None of the Above” would have won in a landslide!




As the day is long.



It was a pisspoor choice last election.


I couldn’t even put in my usual Libertarian protest vote this time.


Yeah. I usually vote for a random third party, because I live in NY and literally my vote doesn’t count.

But the last time I voted for Clinton because I wanted to add my voice to the rejection of Trump… not the support of Clinton.


That’s not remotely correct. Where did you hear such transparent nonsense, and why wouldn’t you take the 30 seconds necessary to check it out?

Actual, real data


And the lunch provided to the Clemson players is the McDonalds effect.


The polls said that Clinton would get x more votes. The polls were completely predictive in that context. So your claim that they were laughably wrong is just something you made up.


No, what you need to understand is some Democrats would not exist if it wasn’t for illegal votes, that’s why they resist fixing Americas illegal immigration problem.


Please send a coherent legit link to proof that democrats win because of illegals voting. Thanks.


Why is simply pointing out an interesting fact, dumb?



Pick one.