Trump disapproval rating at all time high amid shutdown


You know, United States banks gave us all a warning. They don’t loan Trump money yet we elected him to lead the free world.

Really, really bad mistake.


And we love the calmness of the libs.


Seems the Secret Service is getting fed up with Fattie McTrump’s government shutdown.

Watch out Fatso, as they may get distracted when thinking about the suffering you are inflicting on their families.


Name calling is like fighting. I don’t believe in violence but if somebody takes a swing at me, they may get hurt. I know that you may not understand or agree with this. But I’m cool with that.


Keyboard warriors are the toughest around!


Then I encourage you to vote for Lardass Liz. Maybe a good dose of socialism and open borders will really help!


Yeah, it’s really not a good idea to piss off the guys who are suppose to be protecting you and your family.


Funny that a Trump supporter preaching the virtue of calmness. Remember all those times Obama flew into a rage? Me neither.


I remember Trump being accused of temper tantrums. But I didn’t see any. You neither.



Yeah, never seen any temper tantrums. Are you living in a cave?

Just the latest expose of the dumpster fire in the White House.


Whose Hillary?


Trump’s approval rating is at 42% while congress’s has dropped to only 17% according to today’s polling.'s_Polling_Index:_Congressional_approval_rating


That’s the McConnell effect.


LOL. These are the same people who said polls said Hillary had massive approval rating over Trump in the 2016 election. Sane people don’t believe “the polls”. They are agenda driven.


The country includes 12-22 million illegal immigrants. So you are right. The country did vote for a Dem controlled house. But it is still moot whether the citizens did.


With that imagination who needs reality? :rofl:

Not you clearly…


You actually believe these polls after the 2016 polls failure?


Do you remember the church of hate Obama came from?


The 2016 polls predicted Hillary would win the popular vote by a small margin. She did.



There’s a lot more hate coming from Trump than Obama. That much is obvious.