Trump disapproval rating at all time high amid shutdown


5th district manufacturing report.

“Fifth District manufacturing activity was soft in January, according to the latest survey from the Richmond Fed. The composite index rose from −8 in December to −2 in January but continued to indicate weak growth. The rise from December came from increases in the component indexes of employment and shipments, although the shipments index remained negative. The third component, new orders, dropped to −11, its lowest reading since June 2016. Meanwhile, the index for backlog of orders fell to −21, its lowest reading since May 2009. However, manufacturers remained optimistic that conditions would improve in the coming months.”



I never cared who would pay for the wall. I just wanted it build.
Neither party has shown any interest in the national debt what so ever. Obama doubled it. To claim that either party cares is a sick joke.


You’ve gone from “fulfilled almost all his promises” to “I didn’t care about his promises” so quickly. It’s just incredible.


Wrong. Fake news. You have totally made this up. You cannot possibly back up what you have claimed. The very first time that Trump said that Mexico would pay for the wall, I though it was a mistake. At no point did I ever claim to care if Mexico paid for the wall. Fake news. You owe me an apology.


Republicans use a sound bite that the federal debt doubled under Obama. In looking at the numbers that is close to being numerically correct but falls short of being 100%. However when you take into account the Great Recession, making W. Bush’s temporary tax cuts permanent, increased Social Security and Medicare spending as more Baby Boomers retire and become 65 years old and the Afghanistan and Iraq wars he inherited the story is quite different.

Amazing how these old talking points stick around.


I don’t owe you a darn thing because I’m right. Here’s a piece of advice. You should stop talking about all the promises you say he fulfilled when it turns out you just don’t care about a lot of them. Otherwise you are just contradicting yourself.


That’s not true…its more like a partial approval while you disapprove of his mannerisms. Everything or almost everything else you can get behind…so…nice try…


As long as we’re offering each other advice here is mine (and I offer it at no charge). Stop acting soooo angry all of the time. When ever you are posting, you give the impression that you are in a horrible mood. Try not to let it show so much. And spend more time discussing issues and less time trying to fix people. There, brilliant advice from a brilliant mind. You’re welcome.


Time for President Trump to fold.

The same pollsters that had him losing the 2016 election are showing his principled stand to be UNPOPULAR.



LOL. Nice try, but I doubt the constructive advice sticks.




Why didn’t he take a principled stand any time in the last two years?


That says more about you than it does me. My posts today aren’t angry. They’re, at most, bemused. You’ll know it when I’m angry.

But I get it. You what to shoehorn me into some “anti-Trump” stereotype because then you can ignore me. Go right ahead.


The country doesn’t want the wall. If they did, they wouldn’t have voted for a Democratic controller house.


53 - 34 is 19 points, not 9.

Just to point out forgetting to carry the 1 :wink:


Cool! It’s great to know that you are in a great mood today. I’m on my way to the gym. Catcha on the flip flop. See ya buddy!:wink:



I love the honesty of Trump supporters.


Timing is key.

Part of me thinks this was a plan. Get his based riled up. Want wall funding. Dems won’t give me that. Dems are evil. Base is now fired up.

Of course part of that strategy is the workers not being paid. It’s a small sacrifice for him to push his agenda. And honestly I don’t think he cares.


What time do you watch CNN? During the news portion or later when the political opinions are flowing?

I’m sure during the 6 pm hour, Fox does a decent job with news. After 7 pm, then the Trump lovefest and Dem bashing begins.


If they threw a fit over mustard and a tan suit, they’d have a meltdown over Michelle getting favoritism treatment from China.

Hypocrites without principles.


[quote=“altair1013, post:36, topic:121766”]
It’s typically a nonstop Trump bash-fest. Complete with name calling and hate.[/quote]

[quote=“altair1013, post:58, topic:121766”]
[…] defeat Fat Hillary. He kept her bulbus ass out of the Whitehouse forever.[/quote]

So is name calling bad or not?