Trump disapproval rating at all time high amid shutdown


Because 53-34 != 9


It’d be great not to. Maybe Trump should stop trying to push us that way.


I’m glad you see the value of all the other media. Thank you.I’m guessing that will be the end of the “enemy of the people” nonsense popularized by this President and his sycophants.


I’m not worried. I’m more worried about the traders who are constantly panicking over nothing. They need to get some anti anxiety meds or meditate or something.


They’re the same traders who are overly optimistic without cause, you know, the guys that the right was celebrating as proof of the best economy in the history of the world. Now they’re the enemy.

Confidence is slipping for the president. I think he can feel it. Again, that’s part of this gambit with the shut down.


Nope. That would be bad for Americans.

Not going to reciprocate the behavior of Republicans during the Obama years.


I meant 53-44, don’t know how to edit in this page


All the polls say Hillary is a shoe in for 2016!


Hmmm. These the some folks that were driving up the stock market and to be applauded a year ago?


You have to delete. I copy the thread, then delete it. Paste it in a new thread and correct the error before hitting reply.


The polls did not “say” that. However for the most part the polls were pretty damn accurate about her margin taking the popular vote.


You voted for him, which is the ultimate show of support. But regardless of how you feel about Trump, the point I’m making is that Trump would not lose support by caving on the wall. He’ll blame Democrats, and the media, and others, and his base will continue to support him.


I saw a CBS poll today he was at 36% approval. How dismal for the FatMan.


Actually, the polls had her winning the popular vote by a small margin - and she did. Where she lost was the electoral college vote, which is the one we go by constitutionally.

I didn’t vote for her or Trump, so I have no skin in that game - just trying to be factually accurate.


Yes! As I said. They’re a bit crazy. They will panic if Bill Gates’s landscaper doesn’t show up. Worries and fears you know.


The one thing he did that can never be undone is to defeat Fat Hillary. He kept her bulbus ass out of the Whitehouse forever.

  1. Mexico hasnt paid for the wall

  2. Obamacare still the the law of the land

  3. debt has exploded.

  4. many more failures.



Hope? Lots of economists are predicting a slowdown of the economy in 2019/2020.

Its not rocket science.

and the shutdown is adding to the slowdown.

Lets keep the gov’t shutdown until the 2020 election, that will show them.



And his supporters consistently show how they worship at the alter of Trump with their unwavering support for a corrupt sexual predator who habitually lies and locks children in cages after ripping them from their parents all while lining his pockets at the expense of those very same supporters.


I wonder what the reactions from trump supporters if Obama and his family did the same thing.

China has given companies linked to US President Donald Trump and his daughter 18 new trademarks in the last two months, raising concerns about conflicts of interest in the White House on the eve of national elections.