Trump admin to withdraw from INF nuclear arms treaty with Russia


Feel free to do so. You might learn something.


I can watch Fox News and learn what you know.

Witch hunts not withstanding.


You are hinting at something. It seems more directed at me than at my statement or the article I referenced, so I am not asking for clarification. I just don’t care.


My point was that we came close…not some parse you are attmepting


I want to know what color tue sky was on october 1847…i dont play these games with snow…im not going to you with you…


Oh thats nice…no edit


That we came close to nuclear war several times was never in contention.

You attempted to refute this and could not, nor can you now.

The only times the US came close to launching nukes against the Russians was in response to a specific current direct threat by Russia directed at the US/NATO or other US ally.


I think you think i care about your narrow scope question…

This is like the nfl where youve gotten to the point (nfl not you) that you need to dig deep to talk about what records are being broken like anyone really gives a ■■■■ that brady hadnt been picked in over 100 whatevers…


You could also talk about all the times America has lost or dropped a nuclear weapon by mistake.


That doesnt go to his really specific question. Nobody was talking about nor did anyone care about…


Sure we could. It would have nothing to do with the discussion at hand though so start a new thread on it if you’re so inclined.


I’m actually ok with this.

The Russians have been flagrantly violating the spirit and intent of what Gorbachev and Reagan worked hard to achieve.

It’s not worth the paper it’s printed on anymore.

I’m not saying we need to go on an arms race in the intermediate nuclear weapons game but I don’t see a point in us remaining party to the INF treaty considering Russian actions over the past few years.


I support Trump’s action here. It has the support of NATO leaders and is the correct and prudent action to take.


Just reminding you that we continued to use U2s after one was shot down over Soviet airspace after which U2s were ordered to stay out of.

History is important to remember. Don’t forget yours.