Trump admin to withdraw from INF nuclear arms treaty with Russia


It’s as if some people actually want nukes to fly just tl stoke Trump’s ego.


Nobody’s said anything of the kind.


Berlin air lift we almost used nukes…there is nothing to try again about…


That hotline also almost led to nuke blow out…that only time post really isnt factual at all…


It began with a Russian act of aggression.

You were attempting to refute my statement.

The only times the US came close to launching nukes against the Russians was in response to a specific current direct threat by Russia directed at the US/NATO or other US ally.


Cite an instance in which the US threatened the use of nukes against the Soviet Union when it was not in response to a current and specific threat by the Russians.


When and where, over what?

The whole point of it was to prevent nuclear war by giving direct communications link between the Soviet Premier and US President.


I’m sure you remember that they shot down a U-2 flying over Russia.


I’ll repeat:

I’ll add: And nobody is (or was) getting sanctioned for it.

So I’ll repeat:


Yes, I even remember the pilot’s name, Francis Gary Powers.

Now, would you way that shooting down his plane was a specific, current act of Soviet Aggression?


how is Russia shooting down a plane in their own airspace an act of aggression?


They knew it was one of our planes and shot it down anyway. They knew it wasn’t a bomber or anything else that threatened them.

Now we do the same thing with satellites that we used to have to rely on aircraft like the U-2 to do.

Neither the Russians nor anyone else gets to claim space as their “airspace”.


Its not an act of aggression to shoot down a plane illegally flying in your airspace.


Because of the similarities between Reagan and Trump.

“Tear down this wall.”
“Build the wall.”

It’s like looking in a mirror. A funhouse mirror anyway.


Well let’s see. The Berlin Wall was built by the Russians to enslave Germans and Divide free and communist Berlin/Germany.

We’re securing our own border.

No difference at all, right?


Illegal hell. There was no existing treaty recognizing protected airspace above 50,000’.


Use that sense of humor conservatives are so famous for.


A nice article by Radio Free Tom if we were talking about an INF nuclear arms treaty that were being complied with by Russia. If we are talking about a nuclear arms treaty with Russia that is not being complied with, then it isn’t so relevant.

Apparently multiple administrations have analyzed that Russia is not and has not been in compliance with this treaty for years. Do people in this forum have no faith in our intelligence agencies?

“But Trump likes nukes. And Bolton hates treaties.” Really? No, there is a little more behind this action than that.

I thought Putin was supposed to be playing Trump like a puppet but then he increases the strength of NATO and now this.


Waiting for a joke, first.


I don’t have time to go back through your posts right now.