Trump admin to withdraw from INF nuclear arms treaty with Russia


Yep, just like fat donald’s pimp wanted.


Russia violates the treaty already. (Probably we do too.)

So what’s the point in having it?


Breaking news. Is anyone surprised Russia has new weapons already in the works? Thanks, Donnie.


Because treaty violation come with automatic sanction, no more treaty no more sanctions.


That’s not what a cold war is, it’s just common sense. Allowing your potential enemies to gain a strategic and or technological edge over you makes war more likely and greatly increases the likelihood you will lose.


MAD only works when you have sane, competent national actors.

The most likely use of WMD’s against the US of a US ally will be from the rogue state or terrorist group for which the tactical nukes make far more sense than high yield weapons and reduces the likelihood of massive clouds of fallout landing where it would complicate matters.

Thus being more practical proves an even greater deterrent.


Well no…it also works when you have insane as well…its a nuke…not a breakfast meeting


We’re discussing yields, not range.

Both the US and Russia have long had cruise missiles that can easily be adapted to land/sea launch with low yield warheads and Russia has been developing a new generation of submarine launched missiles that are capable of same.

More importantly they are developing a hyper sonic missile that is nuclear capable which started this whole discussion two years ago.

This whole proposal is a reaction to that and likely just a tactic to force a new treaty dealing with same.


No it doesn’t. You have to be sane to understand the ramifications of punching the button.

You have to be crazy to either not understand the ramifications or to be willing to accept the destruction of your country for the satisfaction of getting in a first strike and triggering it.


Weve come close a few times to releasing nukes and those people were very sane and understood what would happen .you can be insane and still understand the results of what may happen…you just may not care…

I should know. I have 37 years of dealing with insane people…


No, by definition the insane and irrational are not capable of making such rational distinctions.

The only times the US came close to launching nukes against the Russians was in response to a specific current direct threat by Russia directed at the US/NATO or other US ally.


Berlin air drop…

They can make rational choices…they do it all the time…


The Berlin Airlift was in response to the Soviets cutting off the Land Routes.

Try again.


America once sent F-120 armed with nuclear missiles into Russian airspace because they were worried they would lose a U-2 that was stupid enough cross into Russian airspace.


Our U-2s regularly overflew Russian airspace. That’s the purpose for which they were developed.

What specific incident are you talking about?


America almost lunched a nuclear strike on Russia because one of their radar station though the moon was a series a soviet nuclear strike on America.


When and where?


Close call happen a lot more then people think, mostly because of human error.


That wasn’t a threatened use of nuclear weapons. It was putting US forces on a heightened state of alert in response to a perceived threat. They quickly sorted it out.


Which is why the “Hotline” between the US WH and Russian Kremlin was installed.