This about sums up today society . . . report a crime and get abusive questions :D


This guy’s video’s are hillarious.

In this one, Mike the Cop is a dispatcher and taking a call of a mugging. The guy mugged has it down just about perfect on how people are today in how they view people as being racists and all that. The last thing mike the cop says hits it exactally on the head.



I could never work dispatch.

Are you ******* serious, you want the cops to come out for that?

Were you born stupid or did the drugs make you that way?

Have you ever tried talking to your neighbor before going defcon 1 by calling the cops about their dog?

Hard enough biting my tongue in the field when its face to face but on the phone where impulse control is less I couldn’t last.


Oh if you only knew . . …


Sometimes on the news I’ve seen that they won’t say the Ethnicity of the man
doing the crime, because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s “feelings”.

It’s like, well, if you can’t tell me their race, age range, height range,
man or a woman, then the cops probably aren’t going to be able to figure out
who did a crime. lol. I mean, that’s what would make logical common sense,
for sure.

Maybe the guy in the video making the call could have said this;
They’re part man and part woman, they’re a race of all ethnicities, their
height was not to short and not to tall, the age range wasn’t old, but wasn’t young.
Did that cover everything politically correctly? lol.

That way if someone says it like that, then it’s not their fault that they gave the
police no real information or real lead to help catch the criminal, but then
if the cops don’t catch the criminal the Liberals can blame the cops at least right?

I think I’m starting to understand Liberal Logic now! :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::neutral_face::smirk::blush::laughing::rofl:

What’s sad is that the Democrats care more about “Political Correctness”
and hurting someone’s “Feelings”, over the Laws of the United States
of America.


My local news has a habit of calling unknown Black suspects African Americans when all they know is witnesses or security cameras reported a Black face.
How do they know they are Americans? It could have been a Nigerian over here for a visit.