The Caravan Controversy persuaded me to vote DEMOCRAT tomorrow


DACA is not the law. Under current law they are illegal aliens., It signals we will not enforce our immigration laws.
And Trump also had a compromise proposal that was rejected by Democrats.
Rejected proposals are not the law.


I find it amusing to watch never Trumpers recite empty platitudes with no end game. DEMs love those empty platitudes and welcome the never Trumpers with open arms. :+1:


Do you go to church each Sunday?


My hat is off to you sir. I voted the same way at the federal level for some of the same reasons you mentioned. I know you’ll take some grief for it, but know there are other conservatives of the same mindset.


That is what the pubs have evolved to. They have convinced many of their supporters, a vote for a Democrat, is a vote against Jesus.

Their policies suck, so they have to play the Jesus card to garner votes.

And sadly, it works.


Simple question: why hasn’t the president taken any of a number of simple actions to stop and immediately dissolve the caravan yet? Since the threat is clearly massive, warranting deployment of 15,000 troops and placement of barbed wire barricades, then why not do something simple like tell Mexico we’ll suspend trade, impose immediate tariffs or restrict US tourist travel unless they use their own police to disband the so-called caravan? Why hasn’t this been done yet? What kind of military commander allows an invading force to gather and organize right outside its border, when he has numerous effective weapons to disrupt or eliminate the enemy practically overnight? This is like the Germans watching all the Allied forces land on Normandy beach first, then opening fire when everyone is safely out of the water. If an ISIS invasion force were loading onto planes and boats, getting ready to travel to NYC, would Trump just put up some barbed wire at the airport and wait for them to show up?

Of course not. And we all know why this is happening. It’s because the whole thing is a fraud and a sham designed to scare up political support. A fraud and sham invented by the fraud and sham president Trump. It’s disgraceful, and so is anyone who helps perpetuate it.


Yep. While supporting a man who does everything that Jesus was against.


Is that code for children and pizza?


no, it’s code for children and punch. Never joke about punch. It’s an integral part of any social gathering.


I know the word hypocrisy gets thrown around a lot…but my gawd…they have taken it to an entirely new level.


Ok, but are we at least in the basement of a pizza place?


obviously. just follow the clues in Clinton’s twitter to get the address.


Thank you. Wanted to make sure I was going to the right pizza place.


Since they get to openly break a law, what law can I break and openly flaunt in front of law enforcement and not be prosecuted?


I agree Congress should pass a DACA program.

But no compromise is needed. Just do it, Republicans.


I’m an atheist, so the answer would be no. In any case, how would that be relevant?


You Liberal…You can’t possibly vote like that and say you are a Republican or a Conservative…Is what the Trumpites will say…

I SAY Welcome to the Dark Side Young Skywalker. Embrace your feelings. Feel the hate…

LOL Glad to see people are thinking with their heads…not their TRUNKS.


yes. a whole new level…


No. Remember…only comprehensive immigration reform.


You have no idea who was behind that sign or what their motivation was, do you? DDI Media refuses to release the source of this., they want to stay secret.
Dossier, anyone?