The 2018 NFL Season Thread


a real nail clipper…

by that i mean it is so boring i have started clipping my toe nails to add excitement…


Looks like another patriot win incoming


Said this back in September about the Pats after Travis predicted their demise.

I’m a Dolphins fan but I’m also realistic. Never bet against Brady or Belichick. Never put a chip on their shoulder. Never doubt they’ll find a way. Yeah they’ve lost some superbowls at the end of the game, you can’t win them all, but they always find a way to be in contention and more often than not pull it out.


Congrats on the Pats winning their 6th Super Bowl.


Edelman better get the MVP. Hard to give it to an individual defensive player when the whole defense was spectactular. Thus Edeleman who was the entire offense.


Uh oh, who will Joe Namath try to force a kiss on?


Julian Edelman was named Super Bowl LIII MVP.


Would love to know what the real story with Todd Gurley is. He’s the Ram’s best weapon and he’s sat on the bench for more than half of the last two games. Is he secretly hurt or in the doghouse for some reason?