The 2018 NFL Season Thread


You are right about Drew’s continued ability to play. I can remember Manning’s last season. He played like a 40 year old QB. He was smart to retire when he did and go out a champion.


Yes, and that’s a shame really. I consider Rodgers one of the most exciting QBs to watch these days, but you are right that he’s got no realistic chance of setting records.


Just saw on Twitter that Dallas has not been to the NFC champtionship game since 1996. Did not realize it had been that long.


That’s a satisfying statistic.


Definitely gave me a warm fuzzy.


Well so much for the Chargers having a good chance against the Brady Bunch today. However, I will find it even more satisfying to watch Patrick Mahomes and his team mates ensure the Brady crew will be watching, rather than participating, in the SB.

Hoping the upcoming game is more interesting than this one was.


Did the Chargers realize they had a game today? That’s what I get for putting my faith in a team that employs former Jags coach Gus Bradley as a defensive coordinator.


Saints getting manhadled right now.


That first quarter sure was a surprise.


Saints will survive.

Nick Foles is going to be very rich next season as he always pulls magic out at the end. That last INT was not on him, he hit Jeffries perfectly, and I think everyone was thinking the same thing until it happened: Foles is about to win another one.


Well the Saints looked like a SB team in the second half.

Now I just hope the conference games go the way I want them to.


I never liked Philip Rivers. Dude is a grade A jerk.


Time for you to root for the Rams. You can do it! :sunglasses:


I will be far more disappointed if the Brady Bunch wins next week than the Rams. I will just put it that way. :grin:

But I really don’t see NO losing next week. They were awful in the first quarter, but played like a top team after that, particularly the second quarter.

It did not hurt that the deafening noise had to be getting to the Eagles to some extent. Of course it’s going to be exactly the same next Sunday, if not even more so.


Swear to god, this has been the longest week ever. Can we just skip to kickoff in the KC/New England game already? My anxiety is killing me.


As long as the Patriots lose this week I don’t care who wins the superbowl. Nothing to hate about any remaining teams except the Cheatriots.


I’m sure rooting for your team too. It’s been a long, long, time since KC was in this position.


I really want the young and exciting Mahomes to be the guy who ensures Tom Brady watches the SB rather than participate in it.

I’ve got nothing against Tom or the rest of the team, just wanting someone else to be on top for a change. And KC fans have had a very long wait.


Here is a tweet for you @NotoriousNik


Championship Sunday prediction: