The 2018 NFL Season Thread


The Eagles are winning the game tomorrow and we will get revenge at the Coliseum next Sunday.


Thank you Rams. I don’t expect to ever see my Dolphins in a superbowl again in my lifetime so after that all I ever want is a superbowl devoid of the Cowboys, Patriots, and Steelers. C’mon Chargers and make it so this year for me.


You have been partying tonight. :partying_face:


Very happy!


As you should be. Although I am now rooting for the Chiefs, there is nothing quite like your home team winning. Especially if it is a SB.


You’re right, you didn’t. I inferred it from “very unlikely” odds you gave the Chargers to make the Superbowl. And yes, KC should be the favorite, but it’s far from overwhelming, in my opinion.


Sorry, meant Arizona Cardinals. I still think they are in St. Louis. :rofl:


I thought that is who you were referring to. There is no where to go but up for the Cards next year.

Speaking of St Louis, I think it’s a shame they don’t have an NFL team anymore.


Sean McVay became tge youngest coach to ever win a playoff game.


He’s more than 30 years younger than Pete Carroll. He’s made some amazing achievements at such a young age.

So has Patrick Mahomes.


Don’t feel bad, I still call the Chargers San Diego.


Will Drew Brees retire after the SB? I think he might, especially if the Saints win.

I also wonder about Brady, who I think is 42, or will be by next season.


They’ll both play one more year.


A big problem for both teams is I don’t think they have anyone ready to take over.


Didn’t Brady say he wanted to play five more years last year? I hope he tries. I want to see the game where he’s benched at halftime after throwing four interceptions and fumbling once.


Good grief. FIVE more years? I had not heard that. Oh well, I guess he thinks he’s ageless.

I don’t think Brees thinks he is. I think he will do what Peyton Manning did, retire as a SB champion. Obviously that depends on their win happening, if they lose he may want to give it another year.


My bad, it was actually this season.


He’s nuts, but I guess his wife and family are ok with it


Saints have Teddy Bridgewater. Can’t really judge him by his week 17 since the Saints were resting half the team and not really trying. Before his catastrophic leg injury he was considered a future franchise QB. Wouldn’t surprise me to see a team trade for him though if Brees sticks around.

I think Brees sticks around for at least one more year, especially if Brady comes back. He is already #1 all time in passing yards and passing completions and only needs 19 TD’s to take over #1 in passing TD’s. Brady is close behind him in yards and TD’s though so to keep the #1 spot he has to play if Brady plays. And since he hasn’t seen a decline in ability yet and has a great team around him I can’t see why he wouldn’t come back.

Brady on the other hand while still good has seen some decline. Even the GOAT has to eventually get old and its starting to show. Wouldn’t shock me either way with him.


And about Brees and his records. No one else but Brady is even close so if he retires with those records he’s holding them for a long long time.

Besides Brady closest active player to him in TD’s is Phillip Rivers who is 150 TD’s behind. Rapistberger and Eli Manning aren’t far behind but are as old as River’s. None will be around long enough to catch him. Aaron Rodgers is next of active players but nearly 190 TD’s behind but he’s 35 - his sitting on the bench for several years behind Favre pretty much doomed him from any chance of all time records. He won’t catch him either unless he plays well into his 40’s.

Yards is the same story with Rapistberger being the closest of the 4 and being 18,000 yards behind. Ryan is 28,000 yards behind.